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Datagate’s clients include resellers of telco, utility, cloud and other subscription services. Companies both large and small are are using Datagate to transform and streamline their billing processes, monetise online services, and maximise profitability.

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Our technology integrates with Microsoft Teams and gives Teams extra functionality.
Datagate telecom billing case study for US telecom provider, Medtel
– Natalie Wilcox, Director of Marketing, Medtel Communications
US telecom provider Medtel Communications is using Datagate, tax partner Compliance Solutions and QuickBooks Online to generate daily, tax compliant telecommunications billing.
Datagate is a great partner. We’re delighted with the quality of the product and service – and most important, the unique ability of Datagate to help make voice services consistently profitable for our wholesale and MSP customers.
Learn how Lightwire Business automated UCaaS Billing for MSPs with Datagate
– Nick Phillips, Head of Business, Lightwire Business
Leading Australasian ISP, Lightwire Business, has partnered with Datagate to offer MSPs and their wholesale partners automated, scalable UCaaS billing for Microsoft Teams Calling and other popular managed UCaaS services.
We deliver voice and managed services on one bill under the MSP’s own brand, so the MSP is the star.
Allegiant Technology discusses how Datagate's telecom billing platform helped automate their business
– Bryan Dancer, President & CEO, Allegiant Technology
Allegiant Technology is leveraging Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ITQuoter, Cognition360 and QuickBooks to automate its direct and reseller channel business, empowering MSPs to offer “the full stack” under their own brand.
Datagate on-boarding was easy – I cannot say enough good things about the way this process was managed.
WaveFly uses Datagate to take care of invoicing for wholesale MSP reseller channel,
– Lisa Arnold, Chief Administrative Officer, WaveFly
US telecom provider WaveFly is using Datagate to bill all voice services, integrating billing with ConnectWise, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, ConnectBooster, CCH SureTax and tax partner CLA.
Datagate has delivered billing speed and control, which is making our business more scalable.
Telecom carrier, Aatrox, featured in Datagate's case study.
– Sean Harris, Operations Manager, Aatrox Communications
Australian/New Zealand telecom carrier Aatrox Communications has cut its telecom billing costs by 50 percent and reduced administration overheads by 20 percent by switching to Datagate.
Invoicing used to take two days each month and tie up sales staff. Now it takes one admin person two hours.
UK managed service provider Astec cuts their telecom biilling time by 87% with Datagate
– David Angeloni, Sales Manager, Astec
UK Managed Service Provider Astec has cut its billing time from two days per month to two hours by using Datagate’s cloud-based billing software to pick up Call Data Records directly from Astec’s carriers – including Daisy, iHub, Voiceflex and 9Wholesale – then integrate customer and billing data with ConnectWise and Sage.

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