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Datagate’s clients include resellers of telco, utility, cloud and other subscription services. Companies both large and small are are using Datagate to transform and streamline their billing processes, monetise online services, and maximise profitability.

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It was really easy to integrate Datagate to ConnectBooster, QuickBooks Online and our other systems.

– Bob Bascom, Founder, Charleston Telecom Solutions

US VoIP service and systems provider Charleston Telecom Solutions has used Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ConnectBooster, QuickBooks Online and CCH SureTax to create an ‘automated billing and payments machine’ that runs itself.

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Bob Bascom, Founder, Charleston Telecom Solutions | Datagate client
Jimmy Burns, In-Telecom COO | Datagate client

The integration between Datagate, ConnectWise, CCH SureTax and our accounting system has saved us countless hours.

– Jimmy Burns, Operating Officer, In-Telecom

US communications company In-Telecom has automated customer quoting, procurement, billing, tax compliance and reporting by leveraging Datagate’s out-of-the-box integrations with ConnectWise, CCH SureTax and QuickBooks.

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Datagate is a fast, accurate billing solution that fits our philosophy of empowering MSPs.

– Geof Robinson, Chief Technology Officer, Telesmart

Telesmart, a leading provider of network, voice and video services, is using Datagate to accelerate growth in its wholesale channel by making it simple for its IT MSP channel partners to deliver telecommunications services – while retaining ownership and control of their customers.

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Geof Robinson, Telesmart CTO | Datagate client
Charlie Boyd, Vocus Group New Zealand | Datagate client

Datagate helps Vocus to deliver on our point of difference, which is our ability to work with MSPs to help them develop their own unique services and customer offerings.

– Charlie Boyd, GM Sales – Wholesale, Vocus Group New Zealand

Telecommunications provider Vocus uses Datagate to offer its wholesale partners a ready-made billing, rating and presentation system that is flexible enough to be customized by the smallest MSP partner.

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Datagate offers the best end-to-end automated billing solution for MSPs with complex billing requirements. No one does it better than Datagate.

– Ray Jackson, Chief Technology Officer, Hero

Global telecommunications and data services provider Hero has partnered with Datagate to offer automated billing to its reseller channel for European, Asian, North American and Australasian services.

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Ray Jackson, Hero CTO | Datagate client
Michelle Joosse, CEO, Hotline IT, Datagate client case study

Datagate automates the uploading of large amounts of data into ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Agreements.

– Michelle Joosse, CEO, Hotline IT

IT services provider Hotline IT is using Datagate to automate the uploading of call data into ConnectWise Agreements, giving end customers detailed call analysis and reducing billing time by two thirds.

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The Datagate/SureTax/ConnectWise combination has proven itself as a smart choice for our business.

– Anthony Zabit, Principal, Dimension4

U.S managed service provider (MSP) Dimension4 is using Datagate, SureTax and ConnectWise to automate billing and tax compliance for its data and voice services nation-wide.

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Anthony Zabit, Principal, Dimension4 | Datagate case study
Devoli Datagate case study - robot

Datagate simplifies the billing of complex, usage based telecommunications services, smoothing the path to profitable annuity revenue for our customers.

– Brian Evans, Product Manager, Devoli

Fully automated wholesale telecommunications company Devoli has partnered with Datagate to make it easy for managed service providers (MSPs) to provision, support and on-bill telecommunications services.

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Datagate is a speedy, cost effective way to link meter reading software with your accounting system – the perfect solution.

– Laurie Sheranko, Treasurer/Secretary, Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation

Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation increased monthly revenue by about 26% and cut billing time by approximately two thirds using Datagate.

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Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation (RHWSC) | Datagate case study
Spark Wholesale | Datagate client case study | Andrew Healey, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand

We recommend Datagate to all resellers that require a billing, rating or presentation system.

– Andrew Healey, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand

Spark Wholesale, a division of Spark New Zealand, uses Datagate to tell its telecommunications partners that ‘billing is solved.’

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Datagate is key to offering a high quality, repeatable, well priced service.

– Shaun Bell, Managed Services, Dimension Data New Zealand

Datagate is helping Dimension Data New Zealand to deliver new ‘single point’ IT and telco services for clients.

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Dimension Data NZ | Datagate client case study | Shaun Bell, Managed Services, Dimension Data NZ
NakiCloud | Datagate Case Study |Ryan Eagar, Director, NakiCloud

Datagate gives us the confidence to create new brands and new service lines to target many different market sectors.

– Ryan Eagar, Director, NakiCloud

Managed service provider NakiCloud is using Datagate to create new brands and revenue streams, diversifying from IT managed services into Telco, internet, electricity and data storage services.

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We can add a new customer in ten minutes, on whatever rate plan we dream

– Paul Wainhouse, Managing Director, VoIP HQ

Telco reseller VoIP HQ is using Datagate to enable ‘a thousand different customers on a thousand different rate plans’ in a project that paid for itself within 90 days.

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VoIP HQ | Datagate case study | Paul Wainhouse, Managing Director, VoIP HQ
Utilise Limited | Datagate case study | Simon Young, Director, Utilise Limited

Datagate is key to our strategy.

– Simon Young, Executive Director, Utilise Limited

Electricity retailer Utilise Ltd is using Datagate to develop a reseller channel of businesses that will sell other services, such as telecommunications and other on-line subscriptions.

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Datagate can detect if we’re not reselling everything we’re buying.

– Greg Barber, Managing Director, LoudnClear

IT support firm LoudnClear used Datagate to expand into telecommunications reselling.

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Loud 'n Clear | Datagate case study | Greg Barber, Managing Director, LoudnClear
Connect NZ | Datagate case study | Karl Rosnell, CEO, Connect NZ

Datagate enables us to automate and combine the billing of multiple on-line services on to a single bill.

– Karl Rosnell, CEO, Connect NZ Group

Connect NZ uses Datagate to unify billing for multiple services.

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