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Allegiant Technology brings voice expertise to give MSPs the starring role

We deliver voice and managed services on one bill under the MSP’s own brand, so the MSP is the star.

– Bryan Dancer, President & CEO, Allegiant Technology
Allegiant Technology discusses how Datagate's telecom billing platform helped automate their business
Allegiant Technology is leveraging Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ITQuoter, Cognition360 and QuickBooks to automate its direct and reseller channel business, empowering MSPs to offer “the full stack” under their own brand.
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Allegiant Technology is a US-based MSP and Telecom Service Provider that sells voice and managed IT services, both direct and through its channel of resellers in North America. The company specializes in UCaaS, contact centers, Microsoft Teams integration, applications integration and custom development.

Allegiant is using automation to cut a new competitive edge, says Bryan Dancer, President & CEO.

“We co-manage voice with our partners and make sure the MSP is always the star,” he says.

“The power of Datagate is that every managed service provider delivers voice and IT managed services under their own brand, on a single bill. We offer our resellers voice expertise as an extension of their own team.”

Voice services have complex regulations and tax compliance issues in North America. Allegiant worked with Datagate and tax advisors FAStek to manage compliance for Allegiant and its resellers across all states. MSPs that do voice on their own can find it hard, Bryan Dancer says.

“You need to pick the right voice expertise and solutions because you’re trusting them with your reputation.”

Bryan Dancer | President & CEO, Allegiant Technology

“They may not have the experience to do voice well, but they’re facing the convergence of voice with IT. It also takes quite a bit of scale to offset the start-up costs associated with the taxing, billing compliance and most importantly support issues. MSPs now have competitors on the telecommunications side barging into IT managed services. Microsoft is also coming in and selling to larger organizations. There’s a competitive risk if other companies are offering the entire stack and you aren’t – you are open to losing your best customers.”

Allegiant Technology helps MSPs accelerate their voice practice

Allegiant Technology helps MSPs to accelerate their voice practice, delivering solutions that are tailored for each end customer. Quality control is a huge issue for MSPs offering voice because they have worked so hard to become trusted advisors to their customers, says Bryan Dancer.

“They are also forced to support voice in many cases as it rides on the networks they manage. The biggest issue MSPs have is retaining the trust of their customers,” he says.

“MSPs need to trust what they’re going to put into the customer site. Support needs to be at the same high level as their other services. They have to be nimble and creative and flexible. That’s hard. That’s where we come in. We co-manage these services with the MSP under their own brand, taking care of voice and letting the MSP shine by doing what they do best.”

“We automate as much as we can to be even more competitive in the new digital marketplace.”

Bryan Dancer | President & CEO, Allegiant Technology

Customers want simple and accurate bills even for complex services delivered across multiple locations, says Bryan Dancer.

“A customer buying UCaaS does not want to see separate bills for internet, phone lines and UCaaS. Because we offer the entire stack we love vendor simplification – one bill, one phone call for support.

“We chose Datagate because they’re a nimble and agile partner that’s able to meet our unique needs. They’re willing and able to work with us on improvements and enhancements to allow us to keep delivering and innovating as the market changes.

“We’ve received great support at every level. We really appreciate the relationship with the company’s leadership – they continually stay in connection with us to make sure our needs are being met.”



Allegiant Technology is using automation to help MSPs deliver “the full stack” of voice and managed IT services under their own brand. MSPs can offer tailored, creative solutions with high levels of support that protect and grow their trusted advisor status.

Integrated back to the Datagate’s telecom billing software are ConnectWise Manage, cloud quoting and contract tool ITQuoter, next-level business analytics solution Cognition360 and the QuickBooks accounting system, which inter-operates with both Datagate and ConnectWise. Cognition360’s ConnectWise-optimized data warehouse enables unprecedented visibility into SLA performance and analysis of productivity.  ITQuoter automates sales processes and purchasing, sales-enabling the reseller channel by getting contracts out for customers to sign.

Business benefits
  • Voice & managed IT services under one bill
  • White label billing grows the MSP brand
  • Automation increases competitiveness
  • Continual innovation
Key outcomes
  • Voice expertise allows MSPs to offer “the full stack”
  • The MSP is the star
  • Quality control & support builds customer trust
  • Guaranteed SLAs that are visible to the MSP


About Allegiant Technology

Allegiant Technology is a US-based MSP that specializes in one-stop IT and telecommunications services tailored for individual businesses. It sells both direct and through a channel of resellers. Allegiant offers complete management, on-demand services and anything in between. Its award-winning experience in voice platforms, networks, and firewalls ensures fast and expert support. Visit

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