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Brochures and Ebooks

Technical brochure: ConnectWise Manage Certified Integrator Partner

Published: October 2018
Audience: Global

If you’re an MSP selling telephony services, Datagate makes it simple to view bills within the ConnectWise environment, send bills  automatically into your accounting system, and never re-key customer details and invoices.

Datagate: ConnectWise Certified Integrator Technical Brochure, Oct 18

Brochure: An integrated solution for telecom billing, taxes and compliance

Published: October 2018 (for IT Nation 2018)
Audience: U.S.

The best VoIP billing solution for MSPs. Datagate makes it simple and profitable to bill VoIP and all other telecommunications services, and our partnerships with Wolters Kluwer CCH Suretax and other compliance partners automates U.S. communications tax compliance.

Datagate Brochure: Integrated telecom billing solution (US) | IT Nation 2018

eBook: Seizing the opportunity as a ‘one-stop-shop’ MSP (U.S.)

Published: October 2018
Audience: U.S.

This ebook shows U.S. MSPs how to easily sell telecommunications. Datagate has everything required to make billing telecommunications easy, profitable, safe and compliant, in a single SaaS package.

Datagate eBook: (US) Seizing the opportunity as a ‘one-stop-shop’ MSP, October 2018

eBook: New revenue for IT Managed Service Providers

Published: November 2017
Audience: Australia, New Zealand, UK

Now it’s easy to resell telecommunications services. Telco services make natural add-on offerings to the staple MSP offerings such as hosting, licensing and service charges. Datagate makes telco billing easy and inexpensive.

Datagate eBook: New Revenue for IT Managed Service Providers, November 2017
Datagate eBook: New Revenue for IT Managed Service Providers, November 2017

What Clients Say

Read what some of our customers have to say about our Telecom Billing solution.

It’s a big improvement for our customersInvoicing used to take two days each month and tie up sales staff. Now it takes one admin person two hours.

David Angeloni Sales Manager, Astec

For the same or less cost than our previous provider, Datagate has saved us time, integrated telecom billing into ConnectWise and is delivering better support.

Eric Wakkuri President, DS Tech

The integration between Datagate, ConnectWise, CCH SureTax and our accounting system has saved us countless hours.

Jimmy Burns COO, In-Telecom

Datagate on-boarding was easy – I cannot say enough good things about the way this process was managed. Customer service from Datagate has been excellent.

Lisa Arnold Chief Administrative Officer, WaveFly

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