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Telecom carrier halves its billing costs with Datagate

Datagate has delivered billing speed and control, which is making our business more scalable.

– Sean Harris, Operations Manager, Aatrox Communications
Telecom carrier, Aatrox, featured in Datagate's case study.
Australian/New Zealand telecom carrier Aatrox Communications has cut its telecom billing costs by 50 percent and reduced administration overheads by 20 percent by switching to Datagate.
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Aatrox Communications is a telecom carrier that is a leading SIP trunk and Unified Communications provider in Australia and New Zealand. The company uses Datagate to bill wholesale and direct customers. Datagate pulls in Call Data Records directly from Aatrox, re-rates and uploads them into the company’s Xero accounting platform. A single invoice suits different customer types, whether they have multiple sites or get billed by the second or the minute.

Costs savings were not the main driver behind Aatrox’s selection of Datagate. Aatrox needed to make its business more scalable by getting greater billing speed and control.

Telecom carrier has more control over end-to-end billing

“We chose Datagate because we needed more control over end-to-end billing,” says Sean Harris, Operations Manager, Aatrox Communications.

“We needed the ability to onboard customers ourselves, to edit invoices and to automate all of our billing processes to the maximum extent possible. Datagate has delivered speed and total control, which is making our business more scalable. We can do it all ourselves now.”

As a voice provider, Aatrox needed a voice-friendly telecom billing platform. When Aatrox evaluated Datagate it looked at other software platforms but ‘none of them were strong on voice’, says Sean Harris.

Aatrox now has the ability to automatically debit credit cards itself, removing the need to use a separate provider. Customers also now have more payment options to streamline their payment process.

“Datagate is helping us to operate at scale. We’ve cut administration overheads by about 20 percent and freed up time,” Sean Harris says.

“Datagate is a good backbone for our business. It’s easy to use – I haven’t actually had to use Datagate support because everything just works. The onboarding staff have been great and when we raise an issue with the development team, we get a fast response. We like the local presence.”



Australia and New Zealand telecom carrier Aatrox is using Datagate’s telecom billing software to slash costs and make its business more scalable. Aatrox has taken complete control over end-to-end billing, halving billing costs and reducing administration costs by 20 percent. Datagate pulls in Call Data Records directly from Aatrox, re-rates and uploads into the Xero accounting platform.

Aatrox needed a voice-friendly billing platform. Datagate’s development team worked with Aatrox to tailor the solution to existing systems, protecting customers from any unwanted changes and helping automate Government compliance.

Business benefits
  • Total control over end-to-end billing
  • More payment options
  • Excess usage charged automatically
  • Integration with Xero
Key outcomes
  • Billing costs halved
  • Administration overheads cut by 20 percent
  • Business is more scalable
  • Potential to offer telecom billing solution to wholesale partners


About Aatrox Communications

Telecom carrier Aatrox Communications is Australia and New Zealand’s preferred SIP trunk provider.  It has wholesale and direct customers. Aatrox delivers white-labelled wholesale SIP trunking, VoIP and Unified Communications to IT service providers across Australasia and internationally. It offers specialist services and support for the 3CX PBX and is the top partner in Australia and New Zealand for this phone system. Aatrox’s trunks work with all popular IP PBX phone systems. See aatroxcommunications.com.au or aatroxcommunications.co.nz

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