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Telecom provider Medtel Communications leverages fully-integrated daily telecom billing with Datagate, Compliance Solutions and QuickBooks Online

Our technology integrates with Microsoft Teams and gives Teams extra functionality.

– Natalie Wilcox, Director of Marketing, Medtel Communications
Datagate telecom billing case study for US telecom provider, Medtel
US telecom provider Medtel Communications is using Datagate, tax partner Compliance Solutions and QuickBooks Online to generate daily, tax compliant telecommunications billing.

US Telecom provider, Medtel, delivers Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) direct and via MSPs. For MSPs Medtel offers a ‘white glove’ level of service that enables any MSP to supply highly sophisticated UCaaS solutions.

“The MSP can literally just give us the name of the customer and we do it all, with the MSP receiving recurring revenue each month,” says Medtel Director of Marketing, Natalie Wilcox.

“We assist the MSP with everything from engagement, needs discovery, system design, quote management, implementation and billing. We use Datagate to invoice the MSP’s customer for them.”

MSPs partner with Medtel to gain new recurring revenue and protect IT managed services revenue from competitors offering UCaaS. Medtel integrates its phone system with Microsoft Teams to give a full feature set to any business running Microsoft Office. Medtel’s proprietary cloud-based unified communications platform for phone services delivers true unified communications as a service – including voice, IVR, contact center, and video conferencing.

“Our technology integrates with Microsoft Teams and gives Teams extra functionality,” Natalie Wilcox says.  “These solutions have risen in popularity as more people work remotely. People want the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere using Microsoft Teams”

Medtel’s expertise in standing up VoIP phone systems at speed is being used to set up VoIP call center solutions for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, says Medtel President and CEO, Ewen Cameron.

“The pandemic has thrown up unique business challenges and we are trying to help local governments meet those challenges from a healthcare perspective. Health departments are getting 600-1000 calls a day with questions about vaccine availability, how to sign up and how to book vaccinations. We’re able to stand up virtual call centers overnight, and on-premise systems in a matter of  days.”

Datagate’s telecom billing solution enables more profitable growth, Ewen Cameron says.

Enabling efficient operation with a small team

“We run lean. Using Datagate’s integrations and getting the processes right lets us operate efficiently with a smaller team even as we scale up.”

An API between Datagate and Compliance Solutions runs automatically when Medtel initiates invoices. Datagate queries the Compliance Solutions tax engine and populates the invoice with correct taxes. Datagate emails the invoice to the end customer, offering payment options such as credit card and ACH.

A synch between Datagate and Medtel’s accounting system – QuickBooks Online – eliminates rekeying. When Medtel receives an order it puts the information into QuickBooks Online, then synchronizes with the Datagate interface. This puts all customer information into Datagate. Once the invoice is created the Datagate synch pushes information back into QuickBooks Online, making all data available for reporting.



US telecom provider, Medtel is leveraging the tight integrations between Datagate and Compliance Solutions as well as Datagate and QuickBooks Online to generate daily telecom billing that is fully tax compliant. Medtel offers MSPs a ‘white glove’ level of service that fills the gap when a traditional MSP has no phone offering. Medtel makes it easy for MSPs to provide state-of-the-art phone systems – and bank new streams of telecom revenue – by simply giving Medtel the customer name.

“Datagate are great to work with and we are happy with them,” says Ewen Cameron, President and CEO of Medtel. “They worked well with us during on-boarding. Their response times are very good.”

Business benefits
  • Automatic querying of Compliance Solutions for taxes
  • Synch from QuickBooks Online to Datagate populates customer info
  • Synch to QuickBooks Online from Datagate drives reporting
  • Faster customer on-boarding
Key outcomes
  • Efficient operation with a small team
  • Scale up business without hiring staff


About Medtel Communications

Medtel Communications is a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, providing a cloud-based unified communications platform that includes voice, IVR, contact center, and video conferencing solutions for businesses worldwide. Medtel is built upon a 50-year history of telecommunications innovation and experience that began with the design and manufacturing of traditional PBX phone systems, leading to the development of an enterprise-class proprietary cloud PBX platform. Medtel is headquartered in Palmetto, Florida, with satellite offices around the U.S. Visit

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