Garage to global: Why happy customers are your biggest marketing asset

Garage to global, part 7: Why happy customers are your biggest marketing asset

In part seven of  ‘Garage to global’, Why happy customers are your biggest marketing asset, published online and in the August 2018 issue of NZBusiness Magazine, Datagate CEO Mark Loveys looks at why customer satisfaction is so critically important as you go about building your business.

The series, exclusive to NZBusiness Magazine, provides a succinct ‘how to’ guide for would-be entrepreneurs from a successful serial entrepreneur.

“A lot of what it takes to build a successful business comes down to common sense and hard-won experience. There are certain truisms that we need to remind ourselves of as we battle through the day-to-day challenges of building a start-up business.

“Ensuring that our customers are happy with our product or service is one of those truisms and it’s a critically important one. It’s up there with ensuring we have cash to pay our staff and bills on time, working to a business plan that leads to a rewarding outcome, and keeping a clean, professional reputation – among others.”

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