Mark Loveys NZBusiness article series Garage2Global part 1: The Big Idea

In this ten-part series exclusive to NZBusiness, Datagate CEO Mark Loveys provides a succinct ‘how to’ guide for would-be entrepreneurs. In part one of  ‘Garage2Global: 10 steps to take your idea to the world,’ ‘The Big Idea’, published online and in the February 2018 issue of NZBusiness Magazine, Mark looks at where all great businesses start – with ‘The Big Idea’.

Starting a new business is a big undertaking, requiring all sorts of things like inspiration (a “Big Idea”), market knowledge, research, analysis, advice, planning, execution, money, supporters, backers, customers, suppliers, hard work, determination, self-confidence and lots of ‘grit’.

Another way of putting it is: “One percent inspiration and and 99% perspiration.”

You will have to work long hours for little or no income while you get things started.

It might look like a big backward step, particularly if you’re moving from a secure well-paid job into the abyss of a new venture…

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