Garage to global: Taking investors along on the journey

Part 5. Garage to global: Taking investors along on the journey (NZBusiness)

In part five of  ‘Garage to global’, Taking investors along on the journeypublished online and in the June 2018 issue of NZBusiness Magazine, Datagate CEO Mark Loveys outlines the vital importance of regularly communicating with your investors and really taking them on your business journey every step of the way.

The series, exclusive to NZBusiness Magazine, provides a succinct ‘how to’ guide for would-be entrepreneurs from a successful serial entrepreneur.

“Building a business is a journey, along which there will be all sorts of challenges, setbacks, break-throughs, victories and adventures. We, of course, all hope and plan for more good things to happen than bad things along the way – but regardless, it is always a journey and always an adventure.

“Investors in your business are key stakeholders who not only deserve to be included in the journey for their financial support of your business but are also people who have a vested interest in helping you in the various ways they may be able to.

It’s harder to help a business when you don’t know what’s going on in that business.”

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