Datagate’s connection with ConnectWise makes telephony billing simple for MSPs

Online billing portal specialist Datagate Innovation’s launch into Australia gives Managed Service Providers the ability to integrate their billing for telephony services into ConnectWise Manage.

Datagate’s online billing portal processes the usage data feeds of telecommunication providers and manages the data aggregation, rating, billing and analysis of service usage.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can view their telephony services bills within the ConnectWise environment, pass bills automatically into their accounting system, and never re-key customer details and invoices. Datagate shares customer account details with ConnectWise Manage, slashing administration effort.

Datagate Innovation won the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the latest ConnectWise IT Nation event in Orlando.

Datagate’s launch into Australia enables MSPs to integrate all of their pay-as-you-go billing into their ConnectWise environment, says Datagate CEO Mark Loveys.

“Globally we’re seeing the pay-as-you-go model gaining ground because it lets technology service providers scale their services to the needs of each customer. So automation becomes critical to keep administration requirements to a minimum,” he says.

“We think it’s something Australian MSPs can use to get profitable growth – I’m looking forward to the ConnectWise User Group Forum on 1 June in Sydney to discuss new ways to combat the ongoing problems of agility, cost and flexibility. The U.S and New Zealand markets continue to run hot for us, where MSPs are excited by Datagate’s ability to give them ownership and control of their telecommunications and utilities business. Their end customers no longer deal with large telcos – the MSP is the only business they call, whether it’s for new lines, disaster recovery or whatever. This is a powerful model that’s speeding up the convergence of IT and telco, and putting the technology service provider into the role of sole supplier. For example, Dimension Data New Zealand is using Datagate to help deliver a ‘single point’ ICT managed service. They tell us businesses prefer to deal with one supplier across all services.”

Technology service providers are using Datagate’s white labelling capability to create new brands to address fresh markets.

“Providers that have always been B2B have created new B2C brands,” Mark Loveys says.

“We’re also seeing our customers add new revenue streams – some are achieving strong growth by diversifying from IT managed services into internet, electricity and data storage services as well as telco.”

ConnectWise clients can use Datagate to re-sell the services of any upstream telecom or utility partners they choose, combining and bundling their service offerings with their own unique pricing plans and branding. Datagate also cross checks what you sell against what you buy – whether you resell telecommunications, utilities, cloud, or other pay-as-you-go services.

About Datagate Innovation

Online billing portal specialist Datagate Innovation lets utility suppliers build new recurring revenue streams, while cutting billing costs and improving customer service at the same time. Resellers can bundle any number of usage-based services onto a single bill.

Datagate provides a sophisticated “white label” customer portal that gives the end-customer their own online environment to analyse their consumption of services, review their bills and pay their account. Datagate automates and takes the cost out of billing processes, while creating a real point of difference in online service.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Datagate is gaining rapid market momentum based on cost, ease of implementation and the ability to handle very complex variable billing and management of virtually any service or utility based on usage – including data, telecommunications, electricity and water.