America-wide MSP uses Datagate and CCH SureTax for telecom billing and compliance

The Datagate/SureTax/ConnectWise combination has proven itself as a smart choice for our business.

– Anthony Zabit, Principal, Dimension4
Learn how Dimension4 uses Datagate and CCH SureTax for telecom billing and compliance
U.S managed service provider (MSP) Dimension4 is using Datagate, SureTax and ConnectWise to automate telecom billing and tax compliance for its data and voice services nation-wide.
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Dimension4 is a leading provider of Cloud, data and voice services to business customers throughout the United States and Canada. When it comes to billing their customers for telecommunications services, Dimension4 uses Datagate’s telecom billing solution.

Datagate Partners With CCH SureTax For Tax Calculations

Datagate integrates with CCH SureTax to generate telecom invoices that include the taxes of each of their applicable tax jurisdictions. Datagate uses call data records (CDRs) supplied by Dimension4’s telecom carriers – BroadCloud and Sonus – to ensure invoicing accuracy. Datagate produces invoices in PDF format, which it emails to Dimension4’s customers.

“The service and support from Datagate is excellent. They’ve proven to be a reliable and strategic business partner for us and they help make the complex job of telecommunications billing and compliance easy,” says Dimension4 Principal, Anthony Zabit.

Dimension4 is required to file telecommunications tax returns in all the tax jurisdictions in which their customers reside. For tax and compliance advice and for filing their returns they use Telecom Professionals Inc, a specialist telecommunications tax and compliance consultancy. Telecom Professionals collects all the data required to file the various tax returns directly from the Datagate and CCH SureTax systems.

“We use Telecom Professionals for telecommunications tax advice and to further simplify and de-risk our voice and data services business,” Anthony Zabit says.

CCH SureTax Communications costs and licensing are included with the Datagate online billing portal. Datagate’s partnerships with specialist telecommunications tax accountants such as Telecom Professionals of Oklahoma City and GSA of Atlanta, make it easy for Datagate clients to file all applicable compliance reports, telecommunications tax returns and required payments.

Datagate’s ConnectWise PSA Integration Further Streamlines The Billing Process

Dimension4 found Datagate through ConnectWise, the software the company uses to manage its MSP business. Datagate enables ConnectWise customers to connect all of their Datagate telecom billing into their ConnectWise Manage environment. MSPs can view their telephony services bills within the ConnectWise environment and pass bills automatically into their accounting system. Datagate shares customer account details with ConnectWise Manage, slashing administration effort.

“The Datagate/SureTax/ConnectWise combination has proven to be a smart choice for our business,” Anthony Zabit says.



Leading U.S cloud managed service provider Dimension4 has chosen Datagate to automate telecom billing and tax compliance for its data and voice services.  Datagate takes the bulk minutes Dimension4 buys from its carriers and apportions them to the individual Dimension4 call plans sold to clients. Datagate emails individual bills – with full analysis – to Dimension4 customers across the U.S.

Dimension4 also uses a Datagate/CCH SureTax partner, Telecom Professionals, to automate communications tax compliance, simplifying the filing of tax returns in many different jurisdictions.

Business benefits
  • Automatic on-billing
  • Automatic tax compliance
  • View bills inside ConnectWise Manage
  • Fast to implement
  • Simple to work with
Key outcomes
  • Simplify voice and data business
  • De-risk voice and data service provision
  • ‘Excellent’ service and support
  • Any carrier, any service
  • ‘Reliable and strategic’


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