MSP launching five new service lines with Datagate

Datagate gives us the confidence to create new brands and new service lines to target many different market sectors.

– Ryan Eagar, Director, OurCloud
Learn how Datagate helped NakiCloud create more brands and unlock new revenue streams
Managed service provider OurCloud is using Datagate to create new brands and revenue streams, diversifying from IT managed services into telco, internet, electricity and data storage services.
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OurCloud started out life as a regional business-to-business managed service provider, offering IT infrastructure as a service. Director Ryan Eagar says OurCloud’s business customers gave him the idea for a whole new revenue stream when they kept asking for home ISP services.

“The trickle of requests became a torrent, so we created a new business-to-consumer brand to offer internet services to the residential market,” he says. The new B2C brand – called Speedster – is designed as a national brand that will capture residential internet market share New Zealand-wide. That meant gearing up for large customer numbers and large volumes of invoices.

“Datagate was essential to the launch of the Speedster brand,” Ryan Eagar says.

“Before Datagate we were using a nasty system out of the U.K. We’ve cut our billing time by more than 50% with Datagate. It’s very easy and very logical. It has a nice user interface and we can offer login access to our clients so they can check usage or costs. Datagate has a great team, their tailoring for us has been really good.”

Speedster uses Datagate to measure and bill internet fibre usage by month or by day. The company offers capped and unlimited plans, with capped plans charging per Gig over a certain amount of data. Speedster gives customers courtesy alerts when they are nearing their cap, to avoid unexpected charges. Customers who are often over their cap receive upgrade offers.

“Datagate helps us deliver a responsive service that saves customers money. Without Datagate, we couldn’t do it,” Ryan Eagar says.

“Datagate is a flexible telecom billing platform, that’s its beauty. The development team are really good guys to work with, I really value being able to work with them to customise Datagate the way we want it. That’s been very important for our business. Datagate has core capabilities but the tailoring has made all the difference,” says Ryan Eagar.

Telco services are another new revenue stream for OurCloud. Datagate measures and bills the phone plan minutes.

“We create any calling plans we like. Our Datagate customer portal and login are nicely branded and look very professional.  We offer a landline service and hope to add mobile services by the end of the year,” Ryan Eagar says.

OurCloud has two other new revenue streams going live in the next quarter: electricity and automated daily offsite backup services.

“For our offsite backup services, we can either bill for the amount of data housed or the amount of traffic travelling. Either option, Datagate will measure and bill it,” Ryan Eagar says.

“For our electricity services we have created a specialist brand to sell into the SME space, called 123-SME. We’re already successfully servicing completely different markets with our two existing brands. Datagate gives us the confidence to create new brands and new service lines to target many different market sectors. It works. It’s accurate. We have big plans for the future with Datagate.”



OurCloud has used Datagate to measure, manage and bill two completely new revenue streams. Once an IT Managed Services Company, OurCloud now also sells telco landline and internet fibre services. A further three new revenue streams – mobile telco, electricity and data storage services – are scheduled for launch this year. NakiCloud has halved its billing time with Datagate. The company is using Datagate’s white labelling capability to create fresh brands as required to position each new service. This is enabling tightly targeted marketing and a highly professional end customer experience for every brand.

Business benefits
Key outcomes
  • New brands capture new market opportunities
  • Diversified revenue streams
  • Billing time reduced by 50%
  • ‘Easy, logical’ system
  • Tailoring as required


About OurCloud

OurCloud began as a supplier of hosting services, offering infrastructure as a service using its own purpose-built data centre. It offers Ultrafast Fibre internet services for the residential market under a separate brand called ‘Speedster’. OurCloud has also moved into telco reselling and data storage services. It is preparing to launch a new electricity reseller brand called ‘123-SME’ targeting the SME space. See: https://ourcloud.nz/

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