90-day return on investment from Datagate at VoIP HQ

We can add a new customer in ten minutes, on whatever rate plan we dream up.

– Paul Wainhouse, Managing Director, VoIP HQ
Learn how Datagate helped VoIP HQ resell different telecom carriers, tailor call plans and rates to specific customers
Telecom reseller VoIP HQ is using Datagate to enable ‘a thousand different customers on a thousand different rate plans’ in a project that paid for itself within 90 days.
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VoIP HQ is a gold-level reseller of 2talk and a reseller of Vibe Communications and Ufone.

“Datagate enables us to have a variety of partners, which increases the choices we can offer to our customers,” says Managing Director Paul Wainhouse.

“We choose different providers according to what’s most important to individual customers and some customers use two carriers. We can win a customer that wants the cheapest service, as well as one that values the best support.”

Customizing the solution to fit the customer – giving a Chinese company low cost calls to China, for example – is part of VoIP HQ’s competitive edge, says Paul Wainhouse.

“Anyone can do it, but not everyone can bill it,” he says.

“Datagate gives us flexible billing; we can have a thousand customers on a thousand different rate plans. We can add a new customer in ten minutes, on whatever rate plan we dream up. I have the highest regard for the people at Datagate. They did a remarkable job of transferring my thoughts into reality. This is VoIP HQ’s future business model.”

VoIP HQ uses Datagate to bill all recurring costs, including hardware rental, call minutes, data, call bundles and other services. Fixed costs like hardware rental are integrated on to the bill automatically after a one-time set up.  Pro rata billing is automatic, so a bill is correct even if the number of customer services changes several times during a billing cycle.

VoIP HQ receives diverse information in different formats from its various network providers. Datagate produces bills that are tailored to each customer.

“Our Datagate project paid for itself within 90 days,” Paul Wainhouse says.

“Datagate produces bills that are accurate and look highly professional. I don’t know what we’d do if we didn’t have it.”

As its customer numbers increase, VoIP HQ has ever more equipment going into ever more data centers. All connect directly to Datagate. The integration extends to VoIP HQ’s accounting and CRM systems. When VoIP HQ makes a new sale, customer information flows directly from CRM into Datagate. An invoice sent out of Datagate integrates with Xero.

VoIP HQ is using Datagate to take on larger customers, grow its own reseller channel and add more customer value, Paul Wainhouse says.

“We will supply Datagate portals to our customers which they can deploy for various purposes – for example, on-billing for services, or to see where incoming 0800 calls are originating. We are also growing our reseller channel, working with Datagate to leverage its ‘white label’ ability to bill different customers under different names. Datagate are fantastic to deal with – I can’t recommend them highly enough for this type of work. They are absolute experts. They are always responsive and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them.”



Telecom reseller VoIP HQ is using Datagate to position for growth while taking time and cost out of telecom billing. Automated bills enable VoIP HQ to resell a range of different telecommunications carriers, tailoring call plans and rates to individual customer needs. The firm bills large customers with total accuracy and can offer portals to allow on-billing. VoIP HQ is using Datagate’s ‘white label’ capability to grow its own reseller channel.

Business benefits
Key outcomes
  • Strategic growth path
  • Developing own reseller channel
  • Larger customers
  • Hedged outage risk


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VoIP HQ designs and builds VoIP solutions to fit individual businesses, using Cloud, PBX or a combination. It provides quality services to many different vertical markets and partners with the world’s best vendors to provide the best tailored solutions.

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