SkySwitch uses Datagate to give telecom resellers ConnectWise-integrated billing

We really try very hard to get MSPs to that first billing cycle quickly so they can realize some early success. Datagate has been very good about helping to flatten that learning curve and get them there sooner.

– Eric Hernaez, President and Founder, SkySwitch
Telecom resellers are provided with integrated billing from SkySwitch and Datagate
SkySwitch is a leading single-point supplier to white label telecom resellers, VARs, ISPs and MSPs. Its partnership with Datagate helps SkySwitch to differentiate itself by offering its resellers telecoms billing that is integrated with ConnectWise Manage.
Datagate Telecom Partner (US) | SkySwitch

Around a third of SkySwitch’s more than 500 MSP partners use ConnectWise. Those MSPs frequently asked about integrating their billing with ConnectWise, but SkySwitch’s existing telecom billing platform had no integration with ConnectWise. Bringing Datagate’s telecom billing software into SkySwitch’s ecosystem of solutions makes SkySwitch a more valuable partner to its resellers, says SkySwitch President and Founder, Eric Hernaez.

“It’s important that we keep differentiating ourselves from the competition. Datagate’s strong ConnectWise integration is certainly one of the things that does that,” he says.

“Datagate’s ability to focus on integrations and really be strong at it is compelling. When we started talking with our MSPs about this we got a great response. They are very interested in our partnership with Datagate. It makes their life easier running a business if they can do everything from one platform.”

As white label providers, SkySwitch and Datagate are both dedicated to enabling MSPs to resell cloud voice and other UCaaS services. It is ‘hugely important’ that Datagate is a white label provider, Eric Hernaez says.

“MSPs are looking to create their own new sources of monthly recurring revenue. Being able to add voice services to their existing portfolio of products is something that’s very appealing to them. However, they want to do it in their own name, under their own brand, and present it to the customer as fully their own service. Datagate’s philosophy is almost exactly our philosophy – we’re all about empowering MSPs to be successful under their own name.”

Simple, intuitive billing platform for telecom resellers

SkySwitch presents Datagate to its resellers as a simpler, more intuitive telecom billing platform. SkySwitch tries to get resellers to their first billing cycle as quickly as possible so the MSP gets early success and starts realizing revenue. Rapid on-boarding helps.

“When a reseller starts with us, it’s all about getting them to their first billing period and making sure they know enough to run it as a business.  Datagate has been very good about helping to flatten that learning curve and get them there sooner. It’s another example of how Datagate is very compatible with us,” Eric Hernaez says.

“We have resellers that have been on other billing platforms and they have trouble because there’s a very, very steep learning curve. For resellers that are looking for a simpler, more intuitive interface, Datagate is a great solution.”

Datagate and SkySwitch have very much the same philosophy, Eric Hernaez says.

“Our shared philosophy is that we really just want to find ways to help our customers succeed. Anything that’s good for our partners is good for us, because we only succeed if they succeed.  If that means making some change or adding features or being flexible, we always try and do that. That’s why I think it’s been a great partnership so far, because we both constantly look for ways to make our customers more successful and so together it’s a great combination.

“We are really very in synch with Mark Loveys and Datagate. Support from the Datagate team has been great and I’ve only heard great things from customers using it.”



White label communications platform provider, SkySwitch, is enhancing its differentiation from competitors by offering its resellers telecom billing that is integrated with ConnectWise.

SkySwitch makes life easier for its resellers by enabling them to do everything from the ConnectWise platform.

Datagate and SkySwitch empower MSPs to be successful under their own name. MSPs create their own new sources of monthly recurring revenue, under their own brand, and present it to the customer as their own service. SkySwitch offers Datagate to its telecom resellers as a simpler, more intuitive billing platform. SkySwitch takes telecom resellers to their first billing cycle as quickly as possible so the MSP can start realizing revenue. Datagate helps SkySwitch to flatten the learning curve and get them there sooner.

Business benefits
  • Telecom billing integrated with ConnectWise Agreements
  • MSPs own, control and brand the service
  • Simple, intuitive telecom billing platform for fast on-boarding
  • Run everything from ConnectWise Manage platform
Key outcomes
  • Get to first telecom billing cycle faster
  • Realize revenue faster
  • White label billing empowers MSPs to be successful under their own name


About SkySwitch

SkySwitch is the US-based next-generation communications platform provider offering white-labeled Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solutions to telecommunication and business technology resellers across North America. Customers include MSPs, agents, interconnects, ISPs, WISPs and VARs. SkySwitch provides resellers with the competitive advantages required to succeed in today’s overcrowded marketplace by combining best-in-class customer support with an advanced cloud-based UCaaS platform, delivering feature-rich voice, video, text and fax communications. See

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