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Datagate cuts SE Telecom's billing time down from 2 days to just 30 minutes

Datagate not only speeds up the process, but it also captures ALL billing, eliminating revenue leakage. If only we had found Datagate from day one.

James Stortz, President & CEO, SE Telecom
SE Telecom case study with Datagate telecom billing
Business Communications Provider, SE Telecom, cuts billing time down from 2 days to just 30 minutes by using Datagate’s telecom billing software.

SE Telecom’s Billing Experience Prior to Datagate

After experiencing several years of dissatisfaction with their previous billing platform, SE Telecom decided to investigate all other options available, according to James Stortz, President and CEO of SE Telecom.

While thoroughly researching and testing multiple billing options, SE Telecom identified Datagate as the optimal fit due to its exceptional billing capabilities, features, and pricing in comparison to the other alternatives that were evaluated. The process was both lengthy and rigorous, but ultimately, Datagate emerged as the best choice for SE Telecom.

“Our team spent months testing the top [billing] options available for NetSapiens and ultimately decided to migrate to Datagate,” says James Stortz.


Datagate Streamlines SE Telecom’s Billing Process

By switching to Datagate, SE Telecom eliminated the need to manually collect, process, and reconcile their customer data every month. Additionally, they no longer have to deal with billing disputes and errors, which were previously time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks.

SE Telecom’s billing process has undergone a drastic transformation after switching to Datagate. What used to take 2 days to complete now only takes 30 minutes. Not only does Datagate expedite the billing process, but it also guarantees that all billing is captured, preventing any revenue leakage.

“If only we had found Datagate from day one, as their team has been amazing from the start and even better after we went live,” says James Stortz.

“We highly recommend Datagate and encourage you to contact us at SE Telecom to discuss further.


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SE Telecom’s experience with their previous billing platform was filled with challenges. After struggling for years with an inadequate billing workflow that was costing them revenue, they decided to explore all available options to find a better solution that would streamline their billing process and eliminate revenue leakage.

The SE Telecom team spent months researching and testing the top NetSapiens billing options, ultimately deciding to migrate to Datagate due to its flexible usage rating engine, ease of use and robust integrations.

Since making the switch to Datagate, SE Telecom has been able to streamline their billing process significantly. What previously took 2 days can now be completed in just 30 minutes, allowing the team to focus on other critical tasks.

One of the most significant advantages of Datagate is that it captures data directly from NetSapiens, making it easier for SE Telecom to match the services being provided to what is being billed and eliminating the revenue leakage they experienced with their previous billing platform. This has been critical for SE Telecom to continue scaling their communications business without being concerned about additional billing overhead.

Business benefits
  • Billing process reduced from 2 days to just 30 minutes
  • Profitability boost due to Datagate’s revenue-capturing capabilities 
  • Simplified and future-proof billing workflow allows staff to focus on other critical tasks
Key outcomes
  • Improved operational efficiency due to a streamlined billing process
  • All billing is captured, eliminating revenue leakage
  • Less time spent on manual rekeying/billing
  • Automation saves time & ensures accuracy


About SE Telecom

SE Telecom is a Canadian telecommunications company that provides voice, data, and cloud services to businesses of all sizes. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, SE Telecom has established a reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. Their services include business phone systems, internet connectivity, cloud hosting, and managed IT services. SE Telecom prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and technical support, with a team of certified experts available 24/7 to ensure their clients’ needs are always met.

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