Datagate automates telecom billing for SD-WAN solution provider

Datagate provided us with a comprehensive solution for our site-based monthly recurring billing needs, including multiple products and last month prorate billing.

- Pat Saavedra, Founder & CTO, RabbitRun
RabbitRun uses Datagate to automate their monthly billing process
RabbitRun, a SOHO SD-WAN solution provider, leverages Datagate to simplify their monthly recurring billing process. Datagate’s integration with QuickBooks Online makes syncing and exporting invoices easy for RabbitRun while an integration with Stripe cuts down on payment collection time.

RabbitRun’s Billing Experience Prior to Datagate

RabbitRun was facing multiple challenges with its billing and payment processes, including manual monthly recurring billing for multiple products, manually prorating charges, and one-time charges for overage usage. 

According to Pat Saavedra, RabbitRun’s Founder, their previous billing process was time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delayed payments and customer dissatisfaction. 

To address these challenges, RabbitRun sought a billing and payment solution that would streamline its processes, reduce manual errors, and improve customer experience.

Datagate Optimizes RabbitRun’s Billing Process

With Datagate, RabbitRun was able to streamline its billing and payment processes significantly. 

Datagate provided us with a comprehensive solution for our site-based monthly recurring billing needs, including multiple products and last month prorate billing, “says Pat Saavedra, Founder and CTO, RabbitRun. 

Leveraging Datagate’s Integrations

One of the key benefits of using Datagate is the integration with QuickBooks Online. The integration enables RabbitRun to leverage Datagate’s telecom billing services without missing out on the financial tracking capabilities of QuickBooks

“Their platform seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online, allowing us to synchronize customers and export invoice transactions effortlessly. With the ability to import new sites, product assignments, and transactions, we save valuable time when generating monthly invoices,” says Pat Saavedra. 

Datagate’s integration with RabbitRun’s credit card processor (Stripe), has enabled them to conveniently charge payments using invoice links and payment tokens as well as through a custom branded end customer portal. This allows RabbitRun to automatically charge customer-approved stored credit cards in the billing portal, reducing the time spent on collections efforts.

“Datagate also facilitated integration with our credit card processor (Stripe), enabling us to conveniently charge payments using invoice links/payment tokens and reducing the time we spend on collections efforts by moving to automatically charging customer-approved stored credit cards in the billing portal,” says Pat Saavedra. 

RabbitRun On Datagate’s onboarding process 

According to Pat Saavedra, RabbitRun had a great experience with the implementation and onboarding

“From implementation to onboarding, the Datagate team addressed our concerns every step of the way, ensuring a successful experience. Their responsive support team quickly follows up on closing tickets to our satisfaction.”



RabbitRun, a SOHO SD-WAN provider for resellers, uses Datagate to automatically manage their monthly recurring billing. This includes the ability to capture last month’s prorated billing, as well as one-time transactions for overage usage. Datagate simplifies the billing process for RabbitRun resellers, as they receive a transparent, itemized bill. 

Datagate’s integration with QuickBooks Online makes synchronizing customers and exporting invoice transactions quick and easy. 

RabbitRun can also process credit card payments through the custom-branded end customer portal via Stripe, which reduces the time required for collections. 

RabbitRun had a great experience with implementation and onboarding, citing Datagate’s swift response to support inquiries. 

Business benefits
  • Streamlined billing and payment processes
  • Integrations helped reduce manual errors, saving RabbitRun time and money
  • Automated payment collection reduced time spent on collections efforts & improving cash flow
  • Responsive support team
Key outcomes
  • Countless hours saved due to Datagate’s integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Collection time decreased due to Datagate Payments functionality


About RabbitRun

Based in Ontario, Canada, RabbitRun was founded by Pat Saavedra, who has an extensive and successful career leading high-tech start-ups. 5 years ago, Pat saw an opportunity in the small-medium business markets and envisioned a new form of SD-WAN to better service SMB customers. Today, RabbitRun provides Multi-Cloud SD-WAN solutions that keep businesses online with flawless failover for mission critical voice and point-of-sale systems using broadband and built-in multi-carrier cellular connectivity.

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