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One-stop package for UK Managed Service Providers to sell telecom services

“We chose Datagate because it’s designed for MSPs, it integrates with ConnectWise and Datto Autotask PSA and it’s proven to work for UK customers.”

David Tulip, Managing Director, Network Group
David Tulip of TTG (Technology To Go) talks about Datagate's telecom billing software
Datagate is part of a new ‘telecom-in-a-box’ service that enables Managed Service Providers in the UK to start selling telecom services quickly and easily.

Network Group, a member-owned community of MSPs, IT resellers and retailers, has partnered with Datagate to offer fully supported one-stop telecom services that integrate with Xero, ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA system and other software popular with MSPs.

‘Telecom-in-a-box’ is a complete solution designed to remove the barriers that MSPs in the UK typically face when selling telecommunications services, says David Tulip, Managing Director, Network Group.

“Billing is automatic and MSPs no longer need any special knowledge to get started,” he says.

“We manage the implementation for them and provide full ongoing support.”

Datagate provides automated telecom billing, rating and reporting for the new service.

“We chose Datagate because it’s designed for MSPs, it integrates with ConnectWise and Datto Autotask PSA and it’s proven to work for UK customers. It’s just a great fit,” David Tulip says.

Network Group is making the new ‘telecom in a box’ service available to non-members via its commercial arm, Technology To Go. The move is designed to address a core challenge for MSPs in the UK – telecom carriers don’t want to deal with small MSPs, but David Tulip reckons all MSPs need to be offering telecom services.

“If you don’t, someone else will. That is the threat,” he says.

“Telecom is a revenue opportunity for MSPs, but also a strategic way to secure their business. It used to be that carriers owned the customer but now it’s the MSP and I don’t think MSPs should take a backward step on that. Typically IT guys are the least skilled in sales but are in a fantastic position of strength and trust.”

Some larger MSPs are partnering with carriers but that means they’re splitting the profits, David Tulip says.

“Our new boxed service is highly strategic as it enables MSPs to leverage the buying power of a much larger organization to get favourable terms – and keep all the profit. Gamma (a large UK carrier) is already passing us customers that are too small for them to deal with direct. MSPs of any size in the UK and Ireland can benefit from our substantial buying power.

“We have partnered with Datagate to help MSPs to grow and secure their business. Telecom in a box is a service by MSPs for MSPs. With our expert help they can build it, provision it and make money.

“Datagate is easy to use and integrate – our users and support team love it. Working with Datagate has been a really positive experience. Their willingness to go the extra mile makes them stand out as a provider.”



Network Group has partnered with Datagate to remove the barriers faced by MSPs in the UK and Ireland who want to sell telecommunications services. Its new ‘telecom-in-a-box’ service allows even the smallest MSP to make money and secure future business by offering telecoms services. 

MSPs don’t need any special knowledge to begin selling telecom, with implementation and ongoing wrap-around support provided. Datagate’s telecom billing platform automatically rates, bills and reports on the telecom services for the MSP, while sending data directly into their PSA and accounting systems.

Business benefits
  •  Selling telecom services is easy
  • Quick to implement, simple to use
  • Excellent support
  • Users love it
Key outcomes
  • MSP owns the customer
  • MSP keeps the profits
  • Data flows automatically into accounting software
  • Run everything from ConnectWise or Datto Autotask PSA systems


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A member-owned community of MSPs, IT resellers and retailers, Network Group has combined revenues of more than £200 million. It provides access to commercial terms, peer group support, development tools and new opportunities. It works with vendors and distributors to open up advantageous routes to market. Its commercial arm, Technology To Go, supplies products and services. Visit

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