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DS Tech integrates VoIP billing into ConnectWise

For the same or less cost than our previous provider, Datagate has saved us time, integrated telecom billing into ConnectWise and is delivering better support.

– Eric Wakkuri, President, DS Tech
Eric Wakkuri, President, DS Tech | Datagate client

DS Tech logo with tagline 600x250Michigan-based IT services and support provider, DS Tech, is using Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, CCH SureTax and QuickBooks to automate the billing and reporting of VoIP services.

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DS Tech uses the SkySwitch communications platform to offer VoIP services. Datagate works directly with SkySwitch data as part of its close partnership with SkySwitch, providing automated billing solutions to the SkySwitch reseller base. Before using Datagate, DS Tech was manually entering customer tax calculations, generating the customer bills, and then manually putting the bills into ConnectWise. It was a lot of work, says Eric Wakkuri, President, DS Tech.

“We wanted to automate the generation of taxes for our VoIP customers. We wanted to send customers a nice, traditional telecom-style invoice. And we wanted to transfer invoices to ConnectWise automatically. Datagate has given us all that. It has enabled us to optimize our telecommunications billing processes for maximum efficiency, while improving the customer experience,” he says.

Datagate integrated with DS Tech’s existing software, including ConnectWise and QuickBooks.

“We run the whole business off ConnectWise, but ConnectWise has no capability to generate VoIP bills – you need Datagate,” Eric Wakkuri says.

“Integration wasn’t a problem. Datagate integrates directly with ConnectWise and the Datagate team worked with us to make sure that everything in ConnectWise flowed into QuickBooks correctly. It’s friendly to QuickBooks reporting and all the data flows into the correct accounting buckets.”

Eric Wakkuri has been able to step away from the billing process and allow his team to take over and run it.

“That wasn’t possible when billing was a road block,” he says.

“For the same or less cost than our previous provider, Datagate has saved us time, integrated telecom billing into ConnectWise and is delivering better support.”

When DS Tech’s customers pay a bill in ConnectWise, the Accounts Receivable team can collect it and mark it as paid in ConnectWise. If the customer has a question DS Tech can work inside ConnectWise to answer it instead of jumping back and forth between different systems.

DS Tech had a sales person spending a minimum of three hours each billing cycle to assist the Accounts Receivable team with calculations.

“He no longer needs to get involved at all. He can just get on with selling instead,” Eric Wakkuri says.

Since DS Tech switched to Datagate partner CCH SureTax for tax calculations, customer queries are fewer, Eric Wakkuri says.

“Our old provider used to generate charges that sometimes didn’t make sense to us or the customer. We are very comfortable with CCH SureTax.”

Datagate calculates and reports on the percentage of interstate telecommunications usage for DS Tech. The system automatically manages tax exemptions that individual customers may have for state, city, council or federal taxes.

Datagate has automated reporting for DS Tech, including a VoIP traffic report that used to take four hours to build.

“Datagate is willing to create reports as we need them and work with us to make it easier for us to do our jobs. I still ask for new reports sometimes, as the business grows or compliance regulations change, and Datagate customizes these for us. I like that they adjust to fit our changing needs,” says Eric Wakkuri.

“Support has been great. Datagate is willing to help us tweak the solution to make it a nice custom fit for DS Tech. It’s a very easy system to use, with a quick web portal that’s easy to navigate.

“I recommend Datagate and have agreed to act as a reference because we’re happy and very satisfied with the solution.

“Datagate fills a specific need and does a very good job of it.”

About DS Tech

DS Tech, founded in 1976, is a leading business technology provider. The company’s mission is to increase its customers’ profitability, improve their productivity and give them a competitive advantage by implementing the right technology. As its customers’ trusted technology advisor, DS Tech has earned the position as the market leader and its customers’ business through quality products and services. DS Tech is the ultimate resource for Managed IT Services, Cloud Technology, Business Phone Systems (VoIP and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provisioning), Cyber Security, Video Surveillance and Disaster Recovery. DS Tech delivers future technology today. To contact DS Tech, call 906-786-1699 or visit www.dstech.net

Download the DS Tech Case Study PDF (US Letter)
Download the DS Tech Case Study PDF (A4)



DS Tech has used Datagate to automate billing, reporting and compliance for its VoIP services. Datagate’s direct integration with ConnectWise means all customer billing data flows into ConnectWise automatically. The Accounts Receivable team can work inside ConnectWise, and customer queries can be answered from there. Sales staff no longer need to get involved with billing at all.

Datagate’s integration with CCH SureTax ensures tax calculations and exemptions are automatic and accurate. Datagate’s integration with QuickBooks sees data flow from ConnectWise into QuickBooks correctly, into the right accounting buckets, in a format friendly to QuickBooks reporting.

Business benefits

  • Integration with ConnectWise Agreements
  • Automatic tax & fee calculations
  • No manual inputs or re-keying
  • Connect to QuickBooks and other popular software solutions
  • Traditional telecom-style invoices make customers happy

Key outcomes

  • Telecommunications billing processes optimized for maximum efficiency
  • ConnectWise is the master source of information
  • Automated reporting saves time/cost
  • Sales staff/managers no longer needed for billing

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