Datagate @ IT Nation Connect 2019

Datagate Innovation – the cloud telecom billing solution for MSPs – will have specialist experts on hand at Booth 717 at IT Nation Connect to meet with conference attendees, to discuss and demonstrate Datagate’s ConnectWise-integrated telecom billing system, along with associated telecom tax and compliance services.

Datagate is the leading SaaS telecom billing solution that integrates with ConnectWise Manage. Datagate makes reselling and billing telecommunications quick, easy and compliant for MSPs.

Datagate’s partners play a valuable role in providing a complete solution for MSPs that enables them to generate more recurring revenue and bottom-line profit, says Datagate CEO, Mark Loveys.

“Datagate’s partnership with Wolters Kluwer’s CCH® SureTax® Communications automates communications tax calculations for our U.S. customers, while our partnership with GSA (Global Strategic Accountants) provides them with regulatory compliance and tax consulting & filing services,” he says.

“We are very pleased to have their expertise available to visitors to our booth at IT Nation Connect.”

Datagate continues to build its partner network and in addition to ConnectWise Manage it now integrates with most popular payment and accounting systems. These include QuickBooks, SAP, Acumatica, Xero, MYOB and various payment gateways including Stripe and  Datagate also integrates with most PBXs, switches and wholesale telecom carriers.

Datagate’s product strategy is to integrate with all the software and systems that MSPs typically use, says Mark Loveys.

“Our objective is two-pronged: to function optimally at minimal time and cost to the MSP, and to give MSPs ownership and control of their telecommunications business. The MSP controls the pricing, the MSP chooses the telecoms carriers, and the MSP bills under their own brand. They become the single point of supply for data and voice services to their clients,” he says.

Datagate has offices in the USA, Canada and New Zealand, and is currently opening another office in Australia to service growing demand there. This month the company met with ConnectWise International Sales Director, Malcolm Ferguson, in Australia at ConnectWise’s Sydney office to coordinate various activities that Datagate and ConnectWise will work on together in that region over the coming year.

“ConnectWise and Datagate are enthusiastic about working together internationally to enable the big opportunities that exist for MSPs to sell telecom services. The next 12 months are going to be very exciting,” Mark Loveys says.

The announcement was made at the ConnectWise IT Nation Connect event taking place this week in Orlando, Florida. Event attendees can visit Datagate at Booth 717. To learn more about Datagate, please phone +1 (904) 914 4441, email, or go here to find out more. 

About Datagate

Datagate Innovation is an international cloud software developer that specializes in telecom billing solutions for MSPs.  The company has offices in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Datagate’s telecommunications billing solution includes optional ConnectWise Manage and CCH SureTax integration. Datagate enables MSPs to rate and bill telecommunications services, including Unified Communications, VoIP, tolls, cellular, data plans and other services.

Datagate has everything required to make billing telecommunications easy, profitable, safe and compliant for ConnectWise MSPs in America, U.K, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.