Liston Pinto, Malcolm Ferguson (ConnectWise) and Mark Loveys at ConnectWise in Sydney

Datagate CEO Mark Loveys and Solution Sales Lead Liston Pinto met with ConnectWise Director of International Sales, Malcolm Ferguson, in Australia this month at ConnectWise’s Sydney office. The meeting coordinated various activities that Datagate and ConnectWise will work on together over the coming year.

Datagate partners with ConnectWise globally, specializing in telecom billing for ConnectWise MSPs. Malcolm Ferguson heads up ConnectWise in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, which are markets in which Datagate is highly active, says Mark Loveys.

“ConnectWise and Datagate are enthusiastic about working together to enable the big opportunities that exist for Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific MSPs to sell more telecom services,” he says.

“The ConnectWise and Datagate systems are integrated and together offer a formidable total solution for MSPs and CSPs who sell and support any kind of telecom services.  Datagate specializes in telecom billing for the MSP market and is experiencing an increasing amount of success in Australia. Our Australian customer base in growing strongly, leading us to confirm our attendance at further ConnectWise events in this region over the coming year.

“Datagate works with ConnectWise internationally to provide telecom billing solutions to MSPs all over the world. This meeting with Malcolm Ferguson was focused especially on the substantial opportunities that exist for ConnectWise and Datagate in the vibrant Australian/Asia Pacific market. Malcolm is very interested in working together with Datagate to address this market. The next 12 months are going to be very exciting,” says Mark Loveys.


Caption for the photo above: Liston Pinto (Datagate Solution Sales Lead), Malcolm Ferguson (ConnectWise Director of International Sales) and Mark Loveys (Datagate CEO) met at ConnectWise in Sydney to discuss a coordinated ANZ strategy