Meet the Datagate team: Liston Pinto

Liston Pinto | Datagate Solution Sales Lead, AU/NZ/UK

Solution Sales Lead Liston Pinto is responsible for Datagate sales in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Liston joined Datagate from Australian-owned Vocus Group Ltd, an international telecommunications company. At Vocus Auckland, Liston sold telephony products to small and medium sized businesses. He was Vocus’s top performer in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Young and dynamic, Liston was very well regarded at Vocus because of his great attitude, performance and his keenness for new challenges.

Liston brings to Datagate customers his extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, including a thorough understanding of the industry’s products and value propositions.

Billing is often the last element that MSPs think about when selling telecom services, but it should really be the first, he says.

“I help MSPs to move faster by helping them to solve their billing issues,” he says.

“Often that involves introducing them to helpful partners. That might be a combination of telecom carriers, PBX providers, ConnectWise and CCH SureTax. It’s this bundling that Datagate does brilliantly. At Vocus I sold both telephony and electricity, so I know the process a company goes through when they try to sell a product different from anything they’ve sold before. Billing, and managing the end customers’ expectations, is the hardest thing. I wanted to work with Datagate because it gives a complete solution to the customer that has full visibility. The industry needs it.”

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