“The Inside Word” for selling telecom services

The Inside Word event | Liston Pinto, Malcolm Ferguson, Mark Loveys

Liston Pinto, Malcolm Ferguson (ConnectWise Director of International Sales), and Mark Loveys at The Inside Word event hosted by Spark Wholesale

An event titled “The Inside Word”, sponsored by telecoms carrier Spark Wholesale and featuring the products and services of Datagate, Spark Wholesale, ConnectWise, Nokia and Digital Island presented best practice advice, services and integrated telecommunication offerings to a keen MSP audience in Palmerston North, New Zealand last month.

An expert panel drawn from the five partner companies discussed how to succeed as a reseller in the mobile, data and voice space.  The speakers were ConnectWise’s Malcolm Ferguson, along with global Nokia Networks representative Riku Luostari, Spark Wholesale’s Phil Newman, Digital Island’s Cameron Bendall and Datagate’s Mark Loveys.

“It demonstrated to me the draw-power and value of working together with our partners to present the whole story for our MSP audience.  It made a compelling event for our target market,” says Datagate CEO Mark Loveys.

“Enabling MSPs to be successful and profitable in selling telecommunications services is at the heart of Datagate’s strategy, as it is for our partners. At the roadshow we all demonstrated the complete picture of what’s required, what’s available and what’s possible.”

Turnout was better than expected, with one attendee driving four hours to attend. Some attendees were already experienced at selling telecom services but looking to improve their processes and increase profitability. Others were just starting out.

“We had all of the solution layers there – telecommunications carriers, billing, professional services automation and even the provider of 5G technology which powers the Spark mobile network. I learnt a few things myself,” Mark Loveys says.

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