Meet the Datagate team: Lee Dubber

Meet the Datagate Team | Lee Dubber, Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant Lee Dubber works out of Datagate’s Vancouver branch. She started out in the software industry as a software programmer/developer before specializing in billing and invoicing.

Lee has been with Datagate since October 2018 and has an extensive background in ERP and accounting software.  Lee Joined Datagate from a Senior Consultant role with Verde, a financial and business software solutions and services company. She has built on a solid technical background to specialize in complex billing and invoicing.

“Invoicing and billing is my special area of expertise,” she says.

“I have thirty years of billing and invoicing experience. My primary role is to work directly with new customers to implement their cloud billing solution, including handling the necessary integrations. I’m very comfortable with the technical side of things. I also project manage and deliver training, which I enjoy very much. I find it satisfying to train users of Datagate and see them become comfortable and confident using the product.”

After go-live Lee remains as the first point of contact for the customers she has implemented.

“I am assigned to the customer for the duration of the implementation and I stay with that customer long term. It’s a good way of working because it gives the customer consistent access to a consultant that understands their business and the detail of their implementation.”

Lee can also coordinate with Datagate’s global support team, which provides ongoing support.

“The support team is available to every Datagate customer. We have support staff working in different time zones so it’s simple for us to provide support in the US evenings and nights,” she says.

“Our New Zealand support team works at the end of the day for all time zones in the US, so they are ready to help any American customers who are working late.  Customers can get their problems solved without having to wait until the next business day.”

Support is provided via the Datagate support portal, telephone, and email

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