Managed service provider NakiCloud is using Datagate to create new brands and revenue streams, diversifying from IT managed services into Telco, internet, electricity and data storage services.

IT MSP NakiCloudRyan Eagar, Director, NakiCloud started out life as a regional business-to-business managed service provider, offering IT infrastructure as a service. Director Ryan Eagar says NakiCloud’s business customers gave him the idea for a whole new revenue stream when they kept asking for home ISP services.

“The trickle of requests became a torrent, so we created a new business-to-consumer brand to offer internet services to the residential market,” he says. The new B2C brand – called Speedster – is designed as a national brand that will capture residential internet market share New Zealand-wide. That meant gearing up for large customer numbers and large volumes of invoices.

“Datagate was essential to the launch of the Speedster brand,” Ryan Eagar says.

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