Water supplier increases revenue by 26 percent with Datagate

Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation (RHWSC) | Datagate case study banner

Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation | Datagate case study

Texas-based Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation (RHWSC) increased monthly revenue by about 26 percent and cut billing time by approximately two thirds using the Datagate cloud-based billing and monetization platform to manage usage-based billing.

Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation (RHWSC) was charging each customer a flat monthly rate for water while, unfortunately, not generating enough revenue to cover infrastructure repairs and maintenance.

“Our well needed repairs that we couldn’t afford,” says Laurie Sheranko, Treasurer/Secretary for RHWSC.

“We needed to go to a true water usage-based billing process, which would require a “bridge” between the water meter reading software and the accounting software we use – Datagate was the answer.”

For RHWSC, Datagate was the crucial piece of the new billing process that now allows the company to keep up with necessary repairs and maintenance.  The water meters are read electronically each month by Kamstrup READy Manager™ and then Datagate takes that information and generates the invoices.  This alone is a time saver, however Datagate goes a step further by importing the invoices into RHWSC accounting software, Xero.  This new process provides electronic monitoring of water consumption, so customers pay for what they actually use.  Thus the revenue is now actually matching the expense.

“After many hours of searching for a product that would work with the software packages already in place, and coming up empty handed, I posed the question to the Xero online community.  It was then that Datagate CEO Mark Loveys reached out to me and offered to take a closer look at what it was I was trying to accomplish. The rest is history,” Laurie Sheranko says.

RHWSC used Datagate’s standard invoice template for the first billing cycle. After that, Datagate made revisions to the template as requested to make it exactly the way RHWSC wanted it to appear.

Read the full case study here

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