Datagate Connectors for US Telecom Tax Engines

Datagate Includes Connectors for US Telecom Tax Engines

Calculating Telecom taxes in the United States is a complex job that must always be done right.

For billing telecommunication services in the USA, Datagate has connectors to three of America’s most widely used and trusted telecom tax engines, which are: AvaTax for Communications, CCH SureTax and Compliance Solutions (CSI). Your choice of telecom tax engine will most likely be determined by your choice of telecom tax & compliance partner.

Datagate - certified CCH SureTax integration
Datagate - certified Avalara integration
Datagate - certified Compliance Solutions (CSI) integration

Making telecom taxes and compliance easy

Every time Datagate generates an American telecom invoice, it uses your selected telecom tax engine to calculate the taxes and surcharges at a Federal, State, County and City level, using the latest, applicable tax rules and regulations.

This tax data is recorded within Datagate and can be used by your telecom tax & compliance partner for filing telecom tax returns, producing reports and managing tax audits where required.

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Eric Wakkuri, President, DS Tech | Datagate client

For the same or less cost than our previous provider, Datagate has saved us time, integrated telecom billing into ConnectWise and is delivering better support.

Eric Wakkuri, President, DS Tech

Michigan-based IT services and support provider, DS Tech, is using Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, CCH SureTax and QuickBooks to automate the billing and reporting of VoIP services.

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Bob Bascom, Founder, Charleston Telecom Solutions | Datagate client

It was really easy to integrate Datagate to ConnectBooster, QuickBooks Online and our other systems.

Bob Bascom, Founder, Charleston Telecom Solutions

US VoIP service and systems provider Charleston Telecom Solutions has used Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ConnectBooster, QuickBooks Online and CCH SureTax to create an ‘automated billing and payments machine’ that runs itself.

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