Podcast: Why SOHO SD-WAN is a strategic new revenue opportunity for MSPs

Talking VoIP With Datagate Podcast Episode: SOHO SD-WAN with Eric Hernaez

In the thirteenth episode of Talking VoIP with Datagate, Mark Loveys is joined by CEO of RabbitRun, Eric Hernaez.

This instalment explores why SOHO SD-WAN is a strategic new revenue opportunity for MSPs. 


RabbitRun in a nutshell

  • Unique version of SD-WAN called SOHO SD-WAN that caters to SMBs, small home offices, and remote workers
  • Provide advanced quality of service (QoS) by directing critical business applications in front of other non-mission critical traffic
  • Keeps customers Failsafe with no dropped voice and video meetings whenever the internet fails-over from one provider to another including wireless 4GLTE


Regular SD-WAN vs. SOHO SD-WAN

  • Regular SD-WAN: Designed for large enterprises, configuration is complex and requires technical staff to manage it, expensive
  • SOHO SD-WAN: Designed for SMBs and home workers, greatly simplified SD-WAN network structure, cost effective and easier to manage


Vertical markets SOHO SD-WAN is suited for

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses with more constrained networking budgets
  • Businesses that rely on POS systems

To get in touch with RabbitRun click here.

About our guest

RabbitRun provides flawless 4G failover with affordable small business and remote worker SD-WAN solutions. RabbitRun helps reduce costs while boosting performance and reliability, protects businesses’ voice, video and cloud communications with “no-drop” failover, and is easily installed and managed in the cloud. You can find more information at rabbit.run

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