Upcoming PSA integration with Kaseya BMS

Upcoming Kaseya BMS integration announcement from Datagate Telecom Billing

Datagate is happy to announce an upcoming integration with Kaseya BMS!

This will add to Datagate’s existing PSA integrations with ConnectWise Manage and Datto’s Autotask PSA.

What the upcoming Kaseya BMS integration means for MSPs

This new integration will introduce functionality that streamlines the telecom billing process, saving MSPs using Kaseya BMS time and money every month. A two-way flow of information between Datagate and Kaseya will reduce manual labor and eliminate the need for rekeying invoice data. Datagate will also automatically synchronize information from Kaseya such as customer details, products, and contracts. MSPs can continue running their businesses through Kaseya while Datagate generates the specialized telecom invoices that will be visible to any staff member using Kaseya – and any software plugged into Kaseya.

Datagate focuses 100% on the MSP market and is committed to integrating with software like Kaseya BMS that’s important to MSPs, according to Datagate CEO, Mark Loveys.

From talking with hundreds of MSPs we appreciate that they want their telecom billing systems to work with their other software, so they don’t end up with separate systems for IT and telecom.

Integrating the telecom billing solution directly into the PSA is the key to making telecom billing easy, quick, and automatic. We’re looking forward to working with the Kaseya BMS ecosystem.

Datagate fully integrates with MSPs’ favorite PSAs, accounting systems, payment solutions, tax engines and quoting tools.

Current Datagate integrations include:


Datagate also partners with telecom tax specialists CCH SureTax (Wolters Kluwer), Avalara, Compliance Solutions, CLA, FasTek and RTC Associates.

Streamline your telecom billing today

Rather than managing standalone billing systems, Datagate enables MSPs to integrate telecom billing seamlessly into the rest of their ecosystem.

Designed specifically for MSPs, Datagate can rate and bill telecom services, including UCaaS, VoIP, tolls, cellular, data plans, and other usage-base and subscription services.

Integrations with the top US telecom tax engines: Avalara, CCH SureTax and Compliance Solutions (CSI) makes calculating tax and compliance easy, no matter where you offer your services.

And Datagate’s integrations into popular PSAs, accounting systems, and payment gateways means telecom billing can be quick, easy, and profitable.

Book a demo today to learn how to streamline your telecom billing process!

About Kaseya

Kaseya is the leading provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium sized businesses (SMBS). Through its open platform and customer-centric approach, Kaseya delivers best in breed technologies that allow organizations to efficiently manage, secure, and backup IT. Kaseya IT Complete is the most comprehensive, integrated IT management platform comprised of industry-leading solutions from Kaseya, Unitrends, RapidFire Tools, Spanning Cloud Apps, IT Glue, ID Agent, Graphus, RocketCyber and TruMethods. The platform empowers businesses to command all of IT centrally; easily manage remote and distributed environments; simplify backup and disaster recovery; safeguard against cybersecurity attacks; effectively manage compliance and network assets; streamline IT documentation, and automate across IT management functions. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Kaseya is privately held with a presence in over 20 countries. To learn more, visit www.kaseya.com.

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