Datagate to open London branch

Datagate will be adding a new London, UK branch to our offices in North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

The new UK branch will help serve our new and existing customers in England, Scotland, Netherlands and Belgium.

Opening local offices and putting experienced staff on the ground is a key part of Datagate’s growth strategy, according to CEO Mark Loveys.

“Even though we’re a Cloud business, we’ve found that our customers value being able to meet and talk to us in either the same country or the same time zone. As our UK customer numbers grow the time is right to get feet on the ground,” Loveys says.

“Investing in a local presence has proved very successful for Datagate in the North American and Asia/Pacific markets, where customer growth accelerated after we opened offices in Florida and Vancouver.”

He says Datagate will offer local technical support in the UK, led by a senior staffer who has five years’ experience with the Datagate telecoms billing platform.

Datagate partners with ConnectWise, Datto’s Autotask PSA and other global brands in all countries.

“MSPs around the world are using PSA systems like ConnectWise and Datto Autotask PSA and are looking to use a telecom billing system that integrates with what they are already using,” says Mark Loveys.

With a Kaseya BMS integration in development, Datagate continues to integrate with popular software that MSPs love. Current integrations include:

  • PSAs like ConnectWise and Datto’s Autotask PSA
  • Accounting systems like Xero, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop
  • Payment gateways like ConnectBooster, Stripe, and IP Pay

Datagate also partners with telecom tax specialists Wolters Kluwer, Avalara, Compliance Solutions, CLA, FasTek and RTC Associates.

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*This article originally appeared on the Channel News site here

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