Podcast: How to maximize profitability with Autotask

Latest podcast episode of Talking VoIP with Datagate features Chris Timm who explains how to use Autotask to maximize profitability

In this Talking VoIP with Datagate podcast, Mark Loveys is joined by Datto Autotask guru Chris Timm of Sondela Consulting.

Mark and Chris discuss MSPs can use their PSA tool – whether Datto Autotask, or ConnectWise Manage – efficiently and to its full potential in order to gain maximum profitability.

Key points:

  • To get the most value out of your PSA tool, you have to use it to its full potential. PSAs are more than just ticketing systems. Fully utilized, they’re a way to obtain and analyze profitability information.
  • Datto Autotask PSA has a great basic platform for handling sales tax. This platform combined with Datagate’s ability to calculate complex US telecom taxes to the Nth degree makes for a powerful integration.
  • To maximize profitability with your PSA, bring costs into the tool. This includes inputting the cost of engineers and the selling price of services, so your PSA is accurately calculating revenue minus costs.

About Chris Timm

Chris Timm is an expert on Datto Autotask PSA. With 14 years of experience running an MSP business and five years working for Datto Autotask, Chris has a unique understanding of both sides of the industry. Chris now runs Sondela Consulting, an award-winning consultancy firm based in the UK. It specializes in PSA and RMM tools, optimization of IT management tools, and advising on business best practices. The company has MSP customers all over the world.  Read more about Chris Timm and Sondela Consulting

Interested to find out more? Watch the podcast recording below.

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Recording date: August 18, 2021

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