Podcast: How MSPs can get paid on time, every time

How to automate your accounts receivables so your MSP gets paid on time

In this Talking VoIP with Datagate podcast premiere, Mark Loveys talks with ConnectBooster’s President and Co-Founder Ryan Goodman about how MSPs can automate their Accounts Receivable department.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your MSP business – there’s nothing more important than getting paid on time. When it comes to managing cash flow, it’s all about:

  • Setting the proper expectations at the right time.
  • Having those difficult conversations with tough clients.
  • Using the right tools to automate payments.

For episode seven of Talking VoIP with Datagate, Mark Loveys was joined by President and Co-Founder of ConnectBooster, Ryan Goodman. Mark and Ryan discussed everything from trends in payment collection to how to handle tough customers who don’t pay on time.

Podcast highlights:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:53 The inspiration behind ConnectBooster
  • 4:01 Trends in payment collection
  • 6:55 Advice on setting payment expectations with customers
  • 9:23 How to handle late paying customers
  • 12:49 Advice on frequency of billing
  • 14:08 How to handle recurring billing that’s variable
  • 16:55 Advice on inflation
  • 20:43 The ConnectBooster Product
  • 23:38 About the REV

Ryan Goodman is the President and Co-Founder of ConnectBooster. With over 10 years in the IT Channel, he has helped thousands of MSPs improve their cash flow by shifting their business’ billing systems from “recurring invoicing” models to recurring automated payments. Ryan has also recently expanded his role to help MSPs scale their businesses using fewer resources through strategic partnership opportunities via ConnectBooster’s partner program, REV. Visit connectbooster.com

Interested to find out more? Watch the podcast recording below.

Recording date: July 30, 2021


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