Webinar rewind: the Eric Hernaez telecom story

In episode 5 of Talking VoIP with Datagate, Mark Loveys sat down with successful telecom entrepreneur and cloud communication expert, Eric Hernaez.

As the former VP of Marketing at NetSapiens, founder of SkySwitch and current CEO of RabbitRun Technologies, Eric has a distinct point of view on the world of unified communications, particularly from the perspective of MSPs. We are also fortunate to have Eric on the Datagate Board sharing his insights with the company.

At SkySwitch, Eric led a team that established the business and grew it into one of the leading providers of white label UCaaS in North America, with more than 600 reseller partners.

Now at RabbitRun Technologies and Datagate Eric is on a mission to help MSPs grow by enabling them to offer more services to their clients, which in turn will increase their recurring revenue.

In this episode, Eric chronicles his journey from NetSapiens to SkySwitch to RabbitRun Technologies and provides valuable insights into what it takes to build a successful MSP.


Successful MSPs share two common traits:

  • The ability to “niche down” on a particular market and articulate their value.
  • Thinking big by planning ahead. Developing internal business processes and leverage automation tools to enable rapid scaling.

Advice to MSPs considering selling UCaaS:

  • Choose the right business model. Will you self-host or opt for a white label provider?
  • Choose the right platform. If you’re looking for a cloud native platform, multi-tenancy is crucial for scale.
  • Evaluate your ecosystem and choose the right partners. Depending on the market you serve, be aware of whether your partners can handle billing and taxation, spam prevention, or are HIPPA compliant (medical field).

Realize a new revenue stream with RabbitRun Technologies.

RabbitRun Technologies takes the core functions of SD-WAN and deploys them to home office markets in an efficient, cost-effective way.

The traditional telecom environment is being phased out in favor of cloud solutions.

Big telecommunications providers are not equipped to sell these solutions – but MSPs are. Over the next 5-10 years, there will be a lot of activity in terms of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations.

Interested to find out more? Watch the webinar recording below.

Recording date: May 27, 2021

Guest: Eric Hernaez,
CEO, RabbitRun Technologies

Host: Mark Loveys,
CEO, Datagate Innovation

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