Webinar rewind: Using Microsoft Teams as a softphone

Talking VoIP with Datagate, ep 1, TeamMate | Webinar rewind banner

TeamMate Technology – a UCaaS provider – recently asked Datagate to be a guest on the inaugural episode of its Talking VoIP with Datagate webinar series, ‘Using Microsoft Teams as a softphone’. TeamMate has built a unique product in the market and brings a unique approach to integration.

TeamMate provides the automation tools to voice-enable any PBX, Phone System or SIP Trunk in Microsoft Teams, and the management tools to support white label branding and multi-layer resale.

This webinar offers a fast (30mins) and easy way to keep up with Microsoft Teams to PBX integration. Micah Singer and Mark Loveys talk about how to make Microsoft Teams a softphone on your existing PBX system with pointers to how this valuable integration fits into the Datagate ecosystem.


Recording date: January 28, 2021
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