Datagate @ IT Nation 2019 | Telecom Reseller podcast

Source: Telecom Reseller. November 1, 2019. ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2019. Datagate Innovation CEO Mark Loveys sat down with Douglas Green, the publisher of Telecom Reseller, at ConnectWise IT Nation Connect in Orlando, Florida, last week to talk about Datagate’s telecom billing solution, and partnering with SkySwitch.

“Datagate is the tax-compliant SaaS billing solution for UCaaS billing that integrates with ConnectWise. They are a global business and are growing especially strongly in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK as more MSPs move to take ownership and control of their UCaaS business.

“Datagate has everything SkySwitch resellers need to make reselling UCaaS easy, profitable, safe and compliant, in a single package.”

You can listen to the Telecom Reseller podcast at the link below.  And you can read more about Datagate’s partnership with SkySwitch here.

Go here to listen to the podcast