Datagate V2 rollout complete | Image: iStock

All customers are now running Datagate version 2, which is more scalable and easier to use.

Datagate has completed migration of all customers from version 1 to version 2. The switching off of version 1 signals a new maturity in both the company and its flagship billing solution, says Datagate CEO Mark Loveys.

“We now have a mature product that is an internationally proven solution,” he says.

“We have a critical mass of customers in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand. We are receiving glowing customer references in all of these countries. Business is ramping up on the back of strong interest from Managed Service Providers who are selling telecom services. Canada is in our sights now – we can use our local presence there to good advantage.”

Version 2 is capable of massive scale, as Datagate moves to sign bigger clients.  The user interface is more intuitive and graphical than before, further reducing an already minimal training requirement.