Datagate Announcement: Enprise Group and Datagate have agreed to join forces, with Datagate Innovation Ltd becoming a 100% subsidiary from 1st April 2014.

We have the same staff and our focus is exactly the same but to say that it is business as usual underplays the huge advantages for Datagate.

Yes, development, deployment, and operational support services will continue as they have over the last two years, and hopefully more and faster. Being able to access the Enprise Group corporate services such as human resources, finance, office premises, IT services, and so on means that Datagate can continue to focus on building and delivering the best products and service quality for our customers without the distraction of establishing the supporting business infrastructure.

Enprise has a long association with software development and providing business services on a local, Australasian, and global scale.

Enprise Group is listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) and Datagate is now one of three primary divisions – Datagate Innovation, Enprise Solutions and Enprise Software. Enprise Solutions specialises in MYOB EXO enterprise implementation, support and consulting, having almost 1,000 customers across New Zealand and Australia, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Enprise Software develops and supports add on applications for SAP’s Business One software, servicing a global customer base from its Auckland development and support centre.

The synergy with Datagate online billing and reporting services, the Enprise SAP Business One software development, and the MYOB Exo accounting business creates a huge opportunity for both Datagate and Enprise.

Over the last few months, as Datagate has become involved with larger customers Datagate has been working to establish a stronger governance model and market presence, primarily for reassurance about Datagate’s size, backing, time in market, and so on for some of the larger opportunities now engaged but also to assist with growth and funding.

The new Enprise Group relationship allows Datagate immediate access to a level of corporate maturity, national and international relationships, and funding that would take huge time and effort to establish by incremental growth.

This change is not an exit in any shape or form. In the short term no major changes are anticipated. It does mean that Datagate will get a new office address (16 Hugo Johnston Drive, Penrose) and a fixed local and freephone number. Formal development and operational support processes will continue to evolve and recruitment for additional staff is, again, underway.

We are very excited about the prospects ahead as we blend the Datagate talents and technology with the experience, scale and maturity of Enprise. Our focus is on delivering solutions that inspire our customers and deliver tangible value to their customers.