Datagate Support for Payment Processing Solutions

Datagate includes support for ConnectBooster, Stripe,, IPpay and other payment solutions

Datagate offers support for a range of payment processing options to meet the requirements of most MSP businesses.

Datagate support for payment solutions 2021

Datagate includes support for an ever-increasing set of payment processing solutions, including ConnectBoosterStripeAuthorize.netIPpay and others.

The choice of payment processing solution is often determined by the combination of software that you’re using.

We recognize that MSPs generally want to unify their payment processing system so that their customers only need to make one payment per month using a single payment solution. For this reason, Datagate offers a range of options to suit different scenarios and we are adding to these frequently.

Talk to us about your automated payment processing requirements for a suggestion specific to you.

It was really easy to integrate Datagate to ConnectBooster, QuickBooks Online and our other systems.
Bob Bascom, Founder, Charleston Telecom Solutions | Datagate client | circ crop 600
Bob Bascom
Founder, Charleston Telecom Solutions

US VoIP service and systems provider Charleston Telecom Solutions has used Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ConnectBooster, QuickBooks Online and CCH SureTax to create an ‘automated billing and payments machine’ that runs itself.

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