New version of Datagate, April 2020 | Banner 800x480

Over the Easter weekend, we implemented an upgraded version of the Datagate software.

In this article, we share details of the new version of Datagate, released April 13, 2020, and compare the updates to the previous version. Updates include user interface changes, and various improvements including the introduction of ‘Agreements’ functionality to customer accounts, and more flexible billing.

Demonstration of user interface changes

For a detailed demonstration of the new Datagate user interface, please watch the YouTube video below.

Overview of improvements


Datagate introduces “Agreements” to the customer accounts and more flexible billing.

By default, all customer accounts have a “Default Agreement” and all service items, products and invoices from the previous version will now be loaded under this default agreement.  This means existing client configurations will work straight away in the new version.

Agreements enable the following functionality:

  • Multiple invoices can now be generated per customer at any time
  • A separate invoice can be generated per site per customer
  • Multiple types of billing frequencies can be activated as defined in each agreement (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual etc billing).

Datagate Agreements diagram April 2020

Flexible Billing Frequencies

Instead of selecting a pre-defined period to bill, as in the previous version, we now enter a “Bill To Date” which will pick up all billing for all customer agreements up to that date.  Any products and services that are due to be billed by this date, regardless of the agreement or billing frequency they use, will be able to be billed in a single process.

Datagate Flexible Billing Frequencies diagram April 2020

More information

For user interface details, please refer to the YouTube video above.

For Datagate clients: Please download and distribute the document and video link below to all Datagate Users within your business as appropriate.

If you have any questions, please email them to our Support Team.