Datagate Vancouver BC CA Location | Photo: Pixabay

On 5 April 2019 Datagate will officially open the doors to its new Vancouver, Canada branch.

The new office will house technical, consulting and sales staff. Datagate CEO Mark Loveys will base himself in Vancouver to oversee the establishment of the new branch.

The move gives Datagate a Pacific Time Zone office to complement its Eastern Time Zone office, he says.

“Vancouver sits in what is presently our central time zone, with a difference of only three hours between there and the U.S. east coast and three hours the other way for New Zealand,” says Mark Loveys.

“The Vancouver branch is part of Datagate’s global expansion strategy. We will retain our office in Jacksonville, Florida. We will continue to support our New Zealand and Australian customers from our Auckland, New Zealand office. Datagate is becoming a global company, with a strong commitment to developing features and integrations that support customers in all of the regions in which we operate.”