New cloud software integrates usage-measuring systems with accounting/ERP systems

Datagate media release: Datagate as a bridge between metering software and accounting/ERP systems

Datagate media release: Datagate as a bridge between usage measuring software and accounting/ERP systems

New cloud software is forming an easy bridge between metering or usage software and accounting software, making it faster and cheaper for utilities suppliers to produce usage-based bills that integrate automatically with their accounting/ERP systems.

Texas water supplier Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation increased monthly recurring revenue by about 26% and cut billing time by approximately two thirds using the Datagate cloud-based billing and monetization platform to manage usage-based billing. The Datagate cloud billing platform connected the water reading system Kamstrup READy Manager™ with Xero accounting software used by RHWSC – a capability RHWSC could not find anywhere else.

“We needed to go to a true water usage-based billing process, which would require a “bridge” between the water meter reading software and the accounting software we use – Datagate was the answer,” says Laurie Sheranko, Treasurer/Secretary for Ranch Hills Water Supply Corporation.

Datagate automates the rating and billing of any usage-based service, including water, electricity, telecommunications, SaaS and others, says Datagate CEO, Mark Loveys.

“We can even bill a combination of these services on the same invoice, which is opening up new bundling and differentiation opportunities to resellers,” he says.

“Datagate’s value proposition for water resellers is the same as to resellers of other usage-based services; we save time and cost in the billing process and we provide more options for profitable usage-based pricing, along with the elimination of errors.”

Datagate can quickly and easily accommodate rate structure changes as necessary. Datagate also makes it simple to create an array of pricing plans, allowing suppliers to vary charge rates based on customer contracts or profiles.

About Datagate Innovation

Online billing portal specialist Datagate Innovation lets utility suppliers build new recurring revenue streams, while cutting billing costs and improving customer service at the same time. Resellers can bundle any number of usage-based services onto a single bill.

Datagate provides a sophisticated “white label” customer portal that gives the end-customer their own online environment to analyze their consumption of services, review their bills and pay their account. Datagate automates and takes the cost out of billing processes, while creating a real point of difference in online service.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Datagate is gaining rapid market momentum based on cost, ease of implementation and the ability to handle very complex variable billing and management of virtually any service or utility based on usage – including data, telecommunications, electricity and water.

More information

Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of Datagate Innovation America Inc.

For more information, please contact Datagate’s Greg Robinson on U.S phone 904.300.3783, cell phone 904.305.0909.

Australia:  Phone +61 (2) 9133 8605. U.S.: Phone +1 (904) 310 1723. NZ: Phone +64 (9) 280 3626. Email:

Datagate CEO Mark Loveys:  Phone (AU/NZ) +64 (27) 597 1889, (US) +1 (904) 567 7703,  Email; or Caroline Sayle: Email

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