In accordance with resolution 2 passed at the Enprise Group Limited Special Meeting held 4 November 2015; an additional 242,000 shares in Datagate Innovation Limited have been issued for $1.00 per share.

The total number of new shares issued in accordance with resolution 2 in Datagate Innovation Limited to external investors is now 1,461,429 shares, bringing the total number of shares on issue to 2,961,429. Enprise Group Limited’s share of Datagate Innovation Limited has now been reduced to 50.65%.

The new shares have been issued to:

  • FKA Nominees Limited 242,000

It is expected that further issues of shares in accordance with resolution 2 will be made. All issues to external investors of shares in Datagate Innovation limited were made on a pre-money valuation of $1.5M (Enprise Group Limited’s investment).

Elliot Cooper
Chief Executive Officer
Enprise Group Limited