Media Release: Mark Loveys to helm cloud software company Datagate

Enprise Group founder and software entrepreneur Mark Loveys has been appointed full time CEO of Datagate Innovation Ltd, an early-stage cloud software development company owned by Enprise Group (ENS: NZAX).

Mark Loveys, Datagate CEODatagate provides online billing and reporting portals for businesses that bill according to subscription or usage. It manages the data aggregation, rating, billing and analysis of service usage. Datagate has an exciting global opportunity in the massive online market, Mark Loveys says.

“I believe Datagate has huge potential to drive significant value for Enprise Group shareholders,” he says.

“I will now focus all of my energy on growing Datagate. It has a big and exciting growth path ahead which is going to involve serving businesses, large and small, all over the world. The reseller channels of telco and utility companies worldwide are drowning in billing complexity and transaction volume. Datagate makes complex billing easy and inexpensive. It enables resellers to reduce billing cost and differentiate their offerings in what are often commodity markets. We have a compelling value proposition in the global cloud economy.”

Datagate is already generating revenue through seven live customer sites in New Zealand, Loveys says. The company’s strategy is to use the local market to establish reference sites before ramping up sales offshore. Parent company Enprise Group has sales channels of resellers in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Datagate can leverage these existing global channels to market.

As a new cloud-based Software-as-a-Service business Datagate requires up-front cash investment. To raise new capital, professional investors will be allowed to invest directly in Datagate, alongside Enprise Group as fellow Datagate shareholders. Datagate will operate as an autonomous entity, rather than a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enprise Group. To that end, Mark Loveys will invest directly in Datagate once he gains shareholder approval and regulatory clearance to do so.

Mark Loveys will remain on the Enprise Group board of directors as a non-executive director and will retain a significant shareholding in the company. Enprise Group will retain a significant shareholding in Datagate and a director on the Datagate board.

“I believe these changes will maximise Enprise Group’s shareholder value and better fulfil the potential of each Enprise business,” Mark Loveys says.

“As a high-growth cloud company, we will raise direct investor capital to build Datagate through its formative years, before crossing over to profitability through its build-up of recurring SaaS revenues.”

Elliot Cooper, Enprise Group CEOElliot Cooper replaces Mark Loveys as CEO of Enprise Group Ltd. Elliot is a co-founder and executive director of Enprise, and formerly held the Enprise Group CFO role. In addition to his financial expertise Elliot has extensive experience in the financial software business and, alongside Mark Loveys, was a designer of popular software products including Enprise Job and Exonet, now renamed MYOB EXO.

Enprise Solutions is the market leader in New Zealand and has plans to be the market leader in Australia within three years, Elliot Cooper says.

“Our growth strategy will benefit our MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced customers on both sides of the Tasman, both in terms of support quality and in the depth of consulting expertise Enprise Solutions can offer.”

Enprise Group offers investors a portfolio of three software businesses. Each is managed by a proven management team, has its own international growth strategy and has strategic value that can be leveraged by the other businesses of the group.

About Enprise Group

Listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange’s NZX Alternative Market (NZAX) on 1 December 2014, Enprise Group (ENS) has three operating divisions: Enprise Solutions, Enprise Software and Datagate Innovation Ltd.

Enprise Solutions is a leading specialist provider of solutions based on the MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced software platforms. It supports more than 750 MYOB EXO customers across Australia and New Zealand, with branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne.

Enprise Software is an international SAP Business One software development partner. It sells and supports a suite of award winning add-on modules for the SAP Business One business software platform through a global reseller channel. Enprise Software’s flagship add-on module ‘Enprise Job’ is now in use by more than 400 SAP Business One customers around the world. A new mobile addition to Enprise Job – called Enprise Anywhere – is achieving strong early sales internationally. Other SAP Business One add-on modules from Enprise Software include: Enprise Rent, Enprise Service and Enprise ImportGL.

Datagate Innovation Ltd is an early-stage cloud software development company specialising in online reporting and billing portals for telcos, utility companies and hosted service providers. Its products and services are being developed and proven in the New Zealand market before being released to the world via Enprise’s international partner channels.

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