Datagate Telecom Billing with Optional ConnectWise Integration

Datagate is an online billing portal that enables MSPs (especially ConnectWise MSPs) to rate and bill telecommunications services, including unified communications, VoIP, tolls, cellular, data plans and other services.

Datagate is a complete solution for MSPs to plug into the billing data feeds of their chosen wholesale telecommunications providers, create their own pricing plans and bundles, generate and email their invoices and automatically update their accounting system and ConnectWise Manage. The integration between Datagate and ConnectWise minimizes the need for re-keying, maximizes data accuracy and integrity and makes ConnectWise the single “source of truth” to see data from both systems in one place.

Attract and retain customers in a commodity market.

Bill, manage and white-label new streams of recurring revenue.

Datagate gathers service usage data from any number of sources and brings them in to a common data format. This gives a simplified, unified environment for pricing, rating and bundling services.

MSPs can quickly create service bundles that drive competitive advantage and make customers more loyal.

Datagate customers can rely on CCH SureTax and associated compliance partners to register them as needed with state and federal authorities, calculate taxes and fees, and provide the necessary reports to regulatory agencies to maintain compliance at the federal level.

We recommend Datagate to all resellers that require a billing, rating or presentation system.
Andrew Healy, Spark | Spark Wholesale-Datagate case study image tile
Andrew Healey
Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand

Telecommunications carrier Spark Wholesale, a division of Spark New Zealand, uses Datagate to grow its reseller channel.

Spark Wholesale has accelerated growth in its Wholesale SIP Trunking (VoIP) proposition by taking billing hassles away from its telecommunications reseller channel.

"Datagate is key to offering a high quality, repeatable, well priced service."
Dimension Data delivers new ICT managed service with help of Datagate
Shaun Bell
Managed Services, Dimension Data New Zealand

Datagate is helping Dimension Data New Zealand to deliver new ‘single point’ ICT and telecommunications services for clients.

Key Points

  • All MSPs can be telecom providers. You don’t need specialist expertise.
  • Bundle any number of telecommunications carriers and services onto a single bill.
  • You have ownership of the outcome, select the vendors, bill under your own brand and unify telecommunications services into a single IT services invoice.
  • You can ensure your customers get the best value service for their business, while replacing any one-off telecommunications provider commissions with higher value recurring revenue.
  • It’s a win/win. Your customers get the telecommunications services they want from you, rather than having to deal with yet another supplier. You get higher value, more loyal customers.

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