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Managed Service Providers

Differentiate, bundle, add value and monetize

Datagate enables the billing of ‘pay-as-you-go’ or consumption-based services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), opening new revenue opportunities from services like unified communications, VoIP tolls, cellular, data plans, and other usage-based services.

Now MSPs can sell, price and invoice customers for a wide range of utilities, from hosting to broadband, SIP trunks to cell phones, to electricity to gas, all on a common bill under their own branding.

These are great, scalable services, enabling valuable recurring revenue streams for MSPs and flexibility to meet the individual needs of customers.

Datagate connects and integrates with many other ERP and MSP services, such as ConnectWise, QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB.  It is fully automated to ensure that administration efficiencies within the business are gained at the end of each month.

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Save time & improve margins through cloud billing automation…

White label MSP

Datagate has a powerful “white label” customer portal that lets Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their end-customers log in, view and analyse their consumption data, as well as view and pay their bills. The portal can be branded with the MSP’s logo and the look & feel can be tailored to match the MSP’s website.

MSPs use Datagate to take cost out of their billing and reporting processes, while creating a real point of difference in the service they provide – in what are essentially commodity markets. Datagate gives reseller businesses more competitive advantage by offering their customers a higher level of visibility, analysis and support services for their subscribed services.

Datagate’s ability to gather disparate service usage data from multiple sources and bring them in to a common data format, enables a simplified, unified environment for pricing, rating and bundling services to create unique offerings that make the MSP more competitive – and customers more “sticky”.  Telecommunications, data and electricity services make natural add-on offerings to the staple MSP offerings such as hosting, licensing and service charges.

Streamline the billing process

Many MSPs are drowning in usage-based billing complexity and transaction volume, which restricts sales and slows business growth. Datagate can streamline and automate billing processes to remove these growth constraints.

Datagate allows MSPs to bundle and differentiate and their service offerings instead of just competing on price. End customers are given the ability to access and analyse their billing and usage data, as well as communicate and interact online.

Datagate makes complex billing easy and inexpensive. It offers four main competitive advantages:

  • Datagate enables the selling of services that are billed according to usage, from any number of suppliers or sources, unified on the same bill, under the MSP’s own brand and pricing formula. It is a revenue stream enabler, allowing the MSP to sell a selection of services from a selection of vendors. MSPs can have their own branded internet customer portal where their end customers can log in, view and analyse their billing and usage information.
  • Datagate is built from the ground up on the massively scalable Microsoft Azure platform. It can scale up or down in response to demand and it can be replicated and accessed locally from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Datagate MSP-branded sites can be deployed quickly and be up and running within a day, if the necessary telecommunications and utility connections are already established.
  • Datagate has a simple state-of-the-art user interface that can be accessed and used optimally on most devices, including smartphones, tablets and computer browsers.

Our clients say:

Anthony Zabit, Principal, Dimension4, Datagate client

America-wide MSP uses Datagate and CCH SureTax for telecommunications billing and compliance

The Datagate/SureTax/ConnectWise combination has proven itself as a smart choice for our business.

– Anthony Zabit, Principal, Dimension4

U.S managed service provider (MSP) Dimension4 is using Datagate, SureTax and ConnectWise to automate billing and tax compliance for its data and voice services nation-wide.


Shaun Bell, Managed Services, Dimension Data

Datagate helps Dimension Data New Zealand to deliver new ‘single point’ IT and telecommunications services for clients

Datagate is key to offering a high quality, repeatable, well priced service.

– Shaun Bell, Managed Services, Dimension Data New Zealand

Global IT services firm Dimension Data is now offering New Zealand customers a ‘single point’ ICT managed service, including full telecommunications fixed line voice, mobile voice, and mobile data services.


Greg Barber, Managing Director, LoudnClear

IT support firm uses Datagate to expand into telecommunications reselling

Datagate can detect if we’re not reselling everything we’re buying.

– Greg Barber, Managing Director, LoudnClear

Telco reseller LoudnClear is using Datagate to on-board customers rapidly, creating head room for ambitious growth plans and cutting billing time by more than 90%.


Ryan Eagar, Director, NakiCloud

MSP launching five new service lines with Datagate

Datagate gives us the confidence to create new brands and new service lines to target many different market sectors.

– Ryan Eagar, Director, NakiCloud

Managed service provider NakiCloud is using Datagate to create new brands and revenue streams, diversifying from IT managed services into telecommunications, internet, electricity and data storage services.


Karl Rosnell, CEO, Connect NZ

Connect NZ unifies billing for multiple services

Datagate enables us to automate and combine the billing of multiple online services on to a single

– Karl Rosnell, CEO, Connect NZ Group

Connect NZ is using Datagate to streamline and unify its billing processes, bundling different service lines onto a single cloud-based bill and exploring brand new services to add.


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