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Internal Service Provider solutions

Make internal costs and resource consumption transparent and actionable

You provide valuable recurring and usage-based services to internal customers, but need a more effective way to communicate the costs and consumption of these services to enable better cost accountability and value realisation within your organisation.

Internal service organisations such as IT departments, shared service centres, procurement, facilities and fleet departments use Datagate to provide their internal customers, such as business units, branches, departments and cost centres with timely, transparent and actionable cost information on recurring and useage charges.

It might be telecommunications service; IT services such as hosting or software; security; electricity; fuel usage or facilities services – Whatever it might be, Datagate will manage the internal invoicing and detailed reporting via an internal customer portal supported by push notifications such as email or text message prompting internal customers to take action where necessary.

The Datagate supplier charge processing can be used to generate general ledger postings or be used to create and deliver actionable cost and usage reports. The customer portal will report quantities consumed or used by the internal customer as well as the costs or prices driven by that usage.

Datagate handles the billing and reporting of services from any number of suppliers, unified on a single invoice or report, under the internal service provider’s name or branding. Different pricing formulas can be used for each service to account for cost allocation or internal burden rates on the service supplied.

Datagate is a cloud-based billing engine and customer self-service portal that manages the data aggregation, costing, internal invoicing and analysis of service usage. It makes complex internal invoicing easy and inexpensive. It’s fast, secure and reasonably priced.

Datagate takes cost out of internal billing and reporting processes, so internal service providers can focus on educating internal customers on the most efficient and effective use of the internal services delivered.

Datagate allows internal service providers to bundle their services into a single product for their internal customer. Internal customers have the ability to access and analyse their billing and usage data online.

Datagate offers a low-cost, secure, fully managed online platform for internal service providers and their end customers to view invoices, reports, usage, costs, pricing and, if appropriate, margins for a wide range of supplied services. Information is received from suppliers and data is automatically published, and analysed daily, weekly, monthly, or near-real time.

Datagate makes complex internal invoicing and reporting of recurring internal charges easy and inexpensive:

  • Datagate enables the charging of services that are billed according to usage, from any number of suppliers, unified on the same bill, under the internal service providers’ own brand and costing/pricing formula. It is a business enabler, allowing the internal service provider to charge a selection of services from a selection of vendors to a selection of internal customers.
  • Datagate is built from the ground up on the massively scalable Microsoft Azure platform. It can scale up or down in response to demand and it can be replicated and accessed locally from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Datagate sites can be deployed quickly and be up and running within a day, if the necessary supplier connections are already established.
  • Datagate has a simple state-of-the-art user interface that can be accessed and used optimally on most devices, including smartphones, tablets and computer browsers.

Our clients say:

We recommend Datagate to all resellers that require a billing, rating or presentation system.

– Andrew Healey, Senior Product & Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand

Spark Wholesale, a division of Spark New Zealand, uses Datagate to tell its telecommunications partners that ‘Billing is sorted.’


Andrew Healey, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand

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