Datagate online billing and customer service portals

Datagate specialises in online billing and customer reporting portals for telecommunications, utility and cloud service companies, resellers and managed service providers.

Datagate will integrate with any accounting or ERP system.

Internal Service Providers

Make internal costs and resource consumption transparent and actionable

You provide valuable recurring and usage-based services to internal customers, but need a more effective way to communicate the costs and consumption of these services to enable better cost accountability and value realisation within your organisation.


Differentiate, bundle, add value and monetise

Datagate opens up new revenue opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), allowing them to sell, price and invoice their customers for a wide range of services, from hosting to broadband to SIP trunks to cell phones to electricity to gas, all on a common bill under their own branding. Datagate has a powerful “white label” customer portal that lets the MSP and their end-customers log in, view and analyse their consumption data, as well as view and pay their bills…


Supercharging telecommunications reseller channels

Datagate helps telecommunications companies build new and efficient indirect sales channels. Datagate makes telecommunications billing easy for service resellers by automating their billing processes, enabling them to bundle products and create their own pricing plans.

Water Suppliers

Link meter reading with billing

Datagate enables water suppliers to link meter reading software like Kamstrup READy Manager™ with their accounting system quickly and cost effectively. Datagate forms a “bridge” between the water meter reading software and the accounting software.  Increase monthly revenue and cut billing time with Datagate’s cloud-based billing and monetization platform to manage flexible consumption-based billing.

Other Utilities

Make billing easy and attract new resellers

Datagate lets utility companies build new indirect sales channels, while cutting billing costs and improving customer service at the same time. It’s customer experience and cost reduction that matter when you’re selling a commodity product. Datagate provides a sophisticated “white label” customer portal that gives the end-customer their own on-line environment to analyse their consumption of services, review their bills and pay their account…

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