Telesmart uses Datagate and Microsoft Teams to grow its wholesale business

Datagate is a fast, accurate billing solution that fits our philosophy of empowering MSPs.

– Geof Robinson, Chief Technology Officer, Telesmart
Geof Robinson, Telesmart | Datagate client

Telesmart logo | Datagate client logoTelesmart is a leading provider of network, voice and video services across Australia and New Zealand. It’s using Datagate to accelerate growth in its wholesale channel by making it simple for its IT Managed Service Provider channel partners to deliver telecommunications services – while retaining ownership and control of their customers.

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Telesmart is growing its wholesale IT Managed Service Provider channel with a two-prong strategy: make it fast and easy for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provision, support and bill telecommunications services; and at the same time empower MSPs to retain ownership and control of their own customers.

Voice enabling Microsoft Teams

One of Telesmart’s biggest wholesale business growth areas is providing cloud calling by voice enabling Microsoft Teams. Telecommunications carriers are moving to take control of Teams voice, says Telesmart Chief Technology Officer, Geof Robinson.

“In Australia we are seeing some incumbent telecommunications carriers take the Microsoft licensing revenue off MSPs when they voice enable Teams. Businesses are investing in the modern workplace and voice completes that picture, but it’s a competitive threat for MSPs to give those carriers access to the Microsoft environments of their customers. It takes revenue away from the MSP and worse, it prevents MSPs from providing the ‘single point of contact’ service which their customers increasingly require. Part of the reason we recommend Datagate is that it empowers MSPs to create their own commercial telecoms model to market.”

Telesmart solutions include Teams voice, cloud UCaaS, cloud contact centers, video conferencing and telepresence software, traditional phone systems, data switches and Wi-Fi.

Telesmart does have a direct practice, usually for complex or bespoke solutions like contact centers or multi-site integrations. Most business can be handled by MSPs and Telesmart works with, or on behalf of, those MSPs where they need to augment an MSP’s skill set, Geof Robinson says.

“Our prime focus is to empower our IT Managed Service Provider partners. Our MSP channel partners choose us for two main reasons. One, we empower MSPs to manage their own business and their own customers. It’s the MSP’s customer – not ours. And two, we’re voice specialists. We take care of the back-end efforts of providing quality voice, caller comfort, and monitoring for any issues. We worked closely with Microsoft to develop a multi-tenant capability for Teams and we know how to translate customer requirements into technical requirements. We make it easy and profitable for MSPs to deliver the Microsoft modern workplace.”

Simplifying complex billing requirements

Fast, accurate billing of telecommunications services is part of the Telesmart service offering for MSPs. For this, Telesmart uses and recommends the Datagate cloud billing platform. Some MSPs tried selling voice in the past but stopped after struggling with billing, says Geof Robinson.

“It can get quite difficult quite quickly. The billing is complex and, in the past, you needed specialist industry knowledge. These are the problems Datagate solves. Datagate makes billing easy and you don’t need that industry knowledge. Providing a fast, accurate billing solution fits with our philosophy of empowering MSPs,” he says.

“I value the working partnership I have with Datagate. The engagement is a trust relationship.”

Geof Robinson, Chief Technology Officer, Telesmart

MSPs can access the Datagate cloud billing platform through Telesmart or set up their own Datagate portal. Datagate processes Call Detail Records (CDRs) by plugging into the call detail data feeds of the MSP’s chosen wholesale telecommunications providers. MSPs turn their own services on and off for customers, create their own pricing plans and bundles, generate and email their invoices and automatically update their accounting system.

Datagate also assists MSPs with integrations, including with ConnectWise. The integration between Datagate and ConnectWise minimizes the need for re-keying, maximizes data accuracy and integrity and makes ConnectWise the single “source of truth” to see data from both systems in one place.

Telesmart uses Datagate for its own internal billing, as well as reselling to its partner and distributor community. The company implemented and threw out two other billing platforms before going with Datagate.

“Datagate is just an easier platform to work with. I haven’t had to escalate anything,” Geof Robinson says.

“I value the working partnership I have with Datagate. I can catch up with the Datagate team and we make things happen. The time frames they give me are realistic. The engagement is a trust relationship.”

About Telesmart

Telesmart provides Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams Solutions, voice, data (network), Wi-Fi and video solutions, hosted on-premise or in the cloud. Telesmart can provide the underlying network infrastructure necessary to deliver the best voice, video and application experience.

Telesmart makes life easier for Managed Service Providers by providing point solutions or whole of business solutions that are focused on business outcomes and supported by world class expertise. See for more.

Download the Telesmart Case Study PDF (US Letter)
Download the Telesmart Case Study PDF (A4)



Telesmart is winning wholesale market share with a two-prong strategy: make it fast and easy for managed service providers (MSPs) to provision, support and on-bill telecommunications services; and empower MSPs to retain ownership and control of their own customers.

Part of Telesmart’s competitive edge in the wholesale space is its ability to offer MSPs a fast and accurate billing, rating and presentation solution. White labeling sees each MSP brand the system as its own. MSPs can present the bill as an emailed PDF, a hard copy, or via an online portal. Optional ConnectWise integration makes ConnectWise the single “source of truth” to see data from both systems in one place.

Business benefits

  • Empower MSPs as ‘single point’ service providers
  • Any carrier, any service
  • Automated billing & management
  • Automated analysis of spend & consumption
  • Connect to ConnectWise, Xero and other popular software solutions

Key outcomes

  • Competitive wholesale advantage
  • Increased wholesale market share

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