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In the third instalment of Talking VoIP with Datagate, Mark Loveys was joined by Lisa Kelley of ConnectWise to discuss and demonstrate how Datagate and ConnectWise, plus ConnectBooster, combine into an optimal quote-to-cash billing solution that allows MSPs and Telecom Providers to expand their services and increase recurring revenue.

Offering telecom services is a great new business opportunity for MSPs. Similarly, offering IT services is a great opportunity for Telecom Providers. But when it comes to integrated billing from quoting to payment collection, things can get a bit messy.

Datagate and ConnectWise combine to offer a proven quote-to-cash solution that enables MSPs to offer VoIP services, and Telecom Providers to offer IT services, with ease.

ConnectWise transforms how technology solution providers build, manage, and grow their businesses while increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Supplemented with Datagate Telecom Billing, ConnectWise is the ultimate PSA platform.

In this episode, we show you the integrated system of ConnectWise Sell for quoting, ConnectWise Manage for ticketing, Datagate for telecom billing, and ConnectBooster for payment collection.


  • Adding different monthly recurring revenue (MRR) sources and maximizing your MMR can greatly improve the valuation of your business. Adding telecom VoIP services is an obvious service extension for businesses that sell and support IT services – it’s built on the same technology you’re already providing to your customers.
  • Integrated billing from quote to cash is required. You need an automated, integrated system to allow you to process your quoting, billing, payment collection, telecom taxes etc with minimal manual effort.
  • Datagate and ConnectWise integration creates consolidated billing.
  • Offer both telecom AND IT services with ease. Customers need only make one payment. Staff can access and see everything from one system.
  • Proven system used by MSPs and Telecom Providers to optimize monthly billing.
  • ConnectWise Sell + ConnectWise Manage + Datagate + ConnectBooster – along with telecom tax engines, including Avalara AvaTax for Communications, CCH SureTax and Compliance Solutions.

Datagate, ConnectWise and ConnectBooster integrate to create a single pane of glass. You get a single system that streamlines the processing of quotes, agreements, contracts, tickets, billing of telecom and IT services with full automation of complex telecom taxes and partners that can file those taxes, automatic updating of accounting systems, right through to payment collection.

In short, a consolidated quote-to-cash billing solution enables you to minimize manual work and reduce errors, while maximizing efficiency and profitability in your business.

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Recording date: March 25, 2021
Webinar recording
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Lisa Kelley, Strategic Sales Executive, ConnectWise | Datagate partner

Guest: Lisa Kelley,
Strategic Sales Executive, ConnectWise

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Mark Loveys, CEO, Datagate

Host: Mark Loveys,
CEO, Datagate Innovation