Garage to global: Using New Zealand as a proving ground

Garage to global part 8: Using NZ as a proving ground | Photo: Pexels

In part eight of  ‘Garage to global’, Using New Zealand as a proving ground, published online and in the September 2018 issue of NZBusiness Magazine, Datagate CEO Mark Loveys explains why New Zealand is the ideal place to trial your products and services before taking on the world.

The series, exclusive to NZBusiness Magazine, provides a succinct ‘how to’ guide for would-be entrepreneurs from a successful serial entrepreneur.

“In many ways New Zealand is an ideal place to develop and test new products and business concepts.

New Zealand has a positive, ‘can-do’ culture, where most potential customers are receptive to new businesses and new ideas. Furthermore, we are effectively a small-scale model of many of the world’s larger economies.

We have supportive government agencies in New Zealand, including NZTE, Callaghan Innovation and Kea, that are mandated to help New Zealand businesses succeed in international markets.

We also have very active and approachable angel investor networks, such as the Ice Angels, Flying Kiwi Angels, Enterprise Angels, NZVIF and others that can help with early-stage funding of new businesses.”

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