Supercharging Telco reseller channels

Datagate helps Telcos build new and efficient indirect sales channels.

Datagate makes Telco billing easy for service resellers by automating their billing processes, enabling them to bundle products and create their own pricing plans. The resellers' customers can view their consumption and biling data on line - answering their own questions and reducing support calls. Less time and effort spent on billing, administration and support, enables the reseller more focus on making sales.

Datagate is a cloud-based billing engine and "white label" customer self-service portal that manages the data aggregation, rating, billing and analysis of service usage. It makes complex billing easy and inexpensive, enabling resellers to differentiate their their offerings, in what are commodity markets. 

Telco resellers have struggled to differentiate and add value to their offerings. Their most common differentiator has been price. Now by partnering with Datagate, telcos and their resellers can reduce billing costs, customise their pricing, create their own bundles and give their customers immediate on-line service via the reseller's own branded customer service portal.

Datagate allows resellers to do more than just compete on price. 

Datagate offers competitive advantage:

  1. Datagate enables the selling of both telecommunication and utility services, from any number of suppliers, unified on the same bill, under the resellers brand and pricing formula. It is a business enabler, allowing the reseller to choose from a selection of services from a selection of vendors to resell.
  2. Datagate is built from the ground up on the massively scalable Microsoft Azure platform. It can scale up or down in response to demand and it can be replicated and accessed locally from almost anywhere in the world.
  3. Datagate sites can be deployed quickly and be up and running within a day, if the necessary telco and/or utility connections are already established.
  4. Datagate has a simple state-of-the-art user interface that can be accessed and used optimally on most devices, including smartphones, tablets and computer browsers.


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