Our story

Our story

Monetising on-line services

Datagate meets the market's demand for a state-of-the-art, on-line billing and customer service portal

There are significant changes happening to the way that business is being transacted today, which include a big shift towards subscription billing, services rather than products, on-line immediacy, convergence of on-line services and the development of new reseller channels.

Customers today prefer to interact with their suppliers on-line - at a time that suits them, rather than that which suits the supplier.  Customers want transparency. They want to see where their money is being spent, They want to know they are getting the best deal and the best service.

The billing of services, particularly Telco, Utility and I.T. services, requires the processing of huge amounts of specialised data. The processed data needs to be accurate, well presented and available on-line. A new kind of software is required for this new age of immediacy and on-line services.

The answer is Datagate

Datagate is an on-line billing engine and customer service portal that is built on the world's most powerful computing platform - Microsoft Azure. It uses the latest technologies to produce a Cloud-based system that is as powerful as you need, yet affordable and easy to work with.

Datagate's team have decades of experience in building world-class accounting and analytical systems.  All of that experience, expertise and dedication is now directed at developing one system - Datagate.

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